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Bernie Miklasz

matt carpenter featured

Mike Matheny Makes Quick Pivot on Matt Carpenter Batting Leadoff For Cardinals

When Cards manager Mike Matheny moved Matt Carpenter to the No. 3 lineup spot after ...

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randal grichuk featured-2

Don’t Be Blinded by Randal Grichuk’s Strikeouts, The Cardinals Need Him

Let’s review the three standard negatives espoused by the Baseball Amish when they evaluate Cardinals ...

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mike matheny featured-89

Down the Stretch: The Five Biggest Concerns For the Cardinals

According to the rest-of-season simulations at Baseball Prospectus, the Cardinals have the best chance of ...

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cardinals sign featured

If the Cardinals Want to Win More Often at Home, it Starts With Better Pitching

From 2012 through 2015, the Cardinals had the best home winning percentage in the majors ...

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101ESPN's Point 1


Redbird Rejects Ep. 20 – Mega Payday Coming for Brandon Moss, Cardinals in Wild Card Race

Teams are hobbling towards the NL Wild Card, and the Cardinals are right in the ...

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Cardinals Sign Featured

Columnist: ‘Championship or Bust’ Philosophy Is a Joyless Way to Spend a Season

Cardinal fans have been conditioned to expect the optimum success at all times from their ...

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alex reyes featured

Daily Bernie: August 24 – Reyes to the Rotation?, O-Line is Mizzou’s Biggest Concern

Alex Reyes continues to be called from the bullpen to dispatch opposing hitters. Is it ...

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Three Men with Babies – Ep. 4 – Annoying Facebook Statuses and the Day Care Debate

From hurting yourself on purpose for a laugh to not forgetting to buckle your kid ...

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