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Bernie Miklasz

carlos martinez featured-26

Carlos Martinez: The Young Gem of the St. Louis Cardinals

David Schoenfield wrote an interesting piece at, naming his most “untouchable” player for each ...

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The Cubs, Like the Cardinals, Have Learned: There’s No Moralizing in Baseball

It’s been fun to watch the moralizing, the predictable posturing, over the Cubs’ trade for ...

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As An Organization, the Cardinals Are In a Delicate Situation

Over the last two-plus years, the Cubs have made a bunch of big, brawny, noisemaking moves. ...

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Cubs’ Make a Smart Power Move for Wipeout Closer Aroldis Chapman

The Cubs paid an extravagant price to secure Aroldis Chapman for a bullpen that’s been in ...

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101ESPN's Point 1

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Saxon Wonders if the Cardinals Could Be Looking to Add a Deadline Starting Pitcher

The MLB non-waiver trade deadline is well within sight and the general consensus is the ...

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Cardinals Sign Featured

Daily Bernie: July 26 – Do Cards Go Big or Stay the Course?, Assessing the Cubs Trade

As if the Cardinals’ season wasn’t confusing enough, their arch rivals went and traded for ...

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‘Legends’ Game Shows Fans no Billionaire Can Ever Take Away Their Dome Memories

As I walked across the turf Saturday, my eyes couldn’t help but drift towards the ...

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Kevin Wheeler Featured-2

Note to Cardinals: Don’t Let the Cubs Influence Your Deadline Plans

Monday’s blockbuster deal sending Aroldis Chapman to Chicago definitely makes the Cubs better than they ...

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