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Years Later, Pujols’ Deal Not Looking So Bad

Chris Duncan Featured

Looking back at how St. Louis fans took the news of Albert Pujols’ massive 10-year, $254 million contract with Anaheim, I wonder if they’d have the same reaction today. People are starting to get used to major deals like Pujols inked. Just look at Giancarlo Stanton’s 13-year, $325 million contract with Miami. Big signings like this aren’t going anywhere any time soon. In the long ...

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Cardinals Carrying Rotation Questions Towards Opener

Michael Wacha Featured

With the Cardinals’ regular season opener approaching April 5, the top question for the team is who’s going to round out a starting rotation that’s been the hallmark of a club with four straight National League Championship Series appearances. We know the front four will contain staff ace Adam Wainwright, Lance Lynn, Michael Wacha, and John Lackey. The question is who, out of ...

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Several Factors Favor Garcia to be Cardinals’ 5th Starter

Jaime Garcia Featured

With every start he makes this spring, Jaime Garcia seemingly takes another step closer to becoming the Cardinals’ fifth starter heading into the regular season. That’s not to insinuate that I want to see Garcia win the job or that Carlos Martinez and Marco Gonzales have pitched poorly. It’s quite the opposite: I’m dying to see Martinez earn a full-time role ...

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Cardinals Have What It Takes to Win Pennant in 2015

Cardinals Sign Featured

Another baseball season is upon us, and as the Cardinals get ready to try for a fifth consecutive trip to the NLCS, they have the ingredients to succeed again. With everything that’s changed in baseball, sabermetrics, the steroid era, new ballparks, juiced balls, and an explosion of revenue, one thing hasn’t changed. Pitching is still what wins, especially in October. The Giants have ...

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Three Ways the Cardinals Can Add Power at the Plate

Mike Matheny Featured-2

Instant offense is arguably the most valuable commodity in baseball. In recent years pitching has taken control of the game – for many reasons, a topic I’ve covered before – and that’s made legitimate middle of the order power hitters the most valued players on the planet. For confirmation on that, look no further than the $325 million contract Giancarlo Stanton ...

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Gonzales Would Work Well as Cardinals’ Fifth Starter

Chris Duncan Featured2-2

If there’s one story line that’s rising above the others interest-wise in Cardinals spring training, it’s the debate over who will snag the fifth starter position. For my money and from what I’ve seen so far, I’m liking Marco Gonzales in that spot. You can’t overemphasize the importance of pitching command in the big leagues, and Gonzales has plenty of ...

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