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Rams LB Alec Ogletree Feels “Ten Times Better” for the 2015 Season

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When the St. Louis Rams drafted Alec Ogletree out of Georgia in the first round of the 2013 draft, the franchise expected an instant impact. While the outside linebacker has undoubtedly realized his immense capabilities at times, he’s also seemed lost and confused for some periods. Ogletree has started all 32 games in his NFL career, totaling three interceptions, 10 forced ...

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Jeff Fisher Says He’ll Loosen the Leash for Starters Versus the Colts

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The Rams haven’t looked stellar in their first two preseason games and a fanbase familiar with a seven-win status quo is wondering whether to read into it. Granted, the starters didn’t play much against Oakland or Tennessee, but for an offense that’s struggled consistently in recent seasons’ it’s worrisome to see Nick Foles gift wrap a pick-six to Titans cornerback Perrish ...

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Rams DE Robert Quinn on What His Career Outside Football Would’ve Been

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Robert Quinn is sharing his thoughts on what he expects from himself and the Rams defense this season when a faraway voice interrupts him mid-sentence. “Hey, Robert Quinn!” teammate William Hayes yells from afar. “Some kids want your autograph!” Before Quinn can elaborate on the question, Hayes has let about 10 youngsters under the rope who are running to greet Quinn and have ...

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It’s Only Preseason, but Areas of Concern Are Popping Up for the Rams

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It’s only preseason. For some, this article can stop at that statement. Steve Spagnuolo’s Rams had a preseason record of 10-2 from 2009-2011 and everyone knows how his tenure went in St. Louis. Preseason doesn’t count, and it’s foolish to draw conclusions from four meaningless contests. That said, Jeff Fisher’s Rams haven’t earned the benefit of doubt. It’s not as if this team ...

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Chris Long on His Love for Waylon Jennings and Clean Water

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Practice has just ended and Chris Long is signing autographs and taking photos with fans. The Rams’ All-Pro defensive lineman makes his living scaring the daylights out of quarterbacks, but is one of the most approachable and down to Earth athletes working today. Long also loves music, climbs mountains, and feels passionately that everyone on the planet is entitled to clean ...

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