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101ESPN Listeners Sound Off on Kevin Demoff, and They Don’t Mince Words

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St. Louis football fans’ emotions ran high this week after Rams COO/Stan Kroenke lapdog, Kevin Demoff was heard saying Rams employees “couldn’t eat the food delivered to their offices” when the team’s offices were still in Earth City. Bernie Miklasz and Kevin Wheeler shared a humorous Thursday Crossover on the subject and listeners tried desperately to be heard via texts into ...

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Kroenke Henchman/Rams COO Kevin Demoff Takes a Potshot at STL Cuisine

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A few days after 101ESPN listeners voiced their latest feelings for Stan Kroenke, his lapdog/yes-man, Kevin Demoff is trolling the city yet again. This time, the Rams COO went after the local cuisine, joking that while he and staff were in Earth city they “couldn’t eat the food delivered to their offices.” Joe Curley, reporter for the Ventura County Star, ...

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The Only Way to Stop Awful, Illegal Behavior is to Put Those in Power Out to Pasture

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One thing is very clear from the NFL’s continuous and ridiculous ego-maniacal machinations fueled by greed,and the most recent college football scandals (Baylor, Ole Miss): Until we hold the most powerful people completely responsible, with no “get out of jail free” cards, these things will continue and victims will continue to be marginalized, ignored and intimidated. Aren’t you tired of ...

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Daily Bernie: April 21 – Bruce Talks ‘Legends’ Game, Costas Talks Cards, Blackhawks Still Dangerous?

Isaac Bruce Featured

Legendary broadcaster Bob Costas joins The Bernie Miklasz Show Thursday to talk about the recent Cardinals-Cubs series and the rivalry’s new tone. There’s plenty Blues talk too, as the Note attempt to dethrone the Blackhawks in Thursday’s Game Five of their First Round series. Other interviews include 101ESPN Blues Insider Jeremy Rutherford and former Rams wide receiver Issac Bruce to ...

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Miracle! Jeff Fisher Awakens, Realizes It’s 2016, and FINALLY Wants a Quarterback

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Give some credit to Jeff Fisher: it took him a while to adapt and understand that NFL teams win with quality quarterbacks. But lo and behold, he’s finally realized it’s 2016, and the game has changed, and he needs to catch up. Fisher’s preferred style of football, suitable for the leather-helmet era, has gone the way of the dinosaur, as ...

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RGIII Has a Real Shot at Redemption Under New Cleveland Regime

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RGIII makes for an interesting redemption story in Cleveland. Whether it was his inability to adapt as a passer, stay healthy, or lead others, some believe Robert Griffin III was mostly at fault for his Washington falling out. Others believe Mike Shanahan was to blame for RGIII’s downward spiral in D.C. That said, Jay Gruden decided to pass on RGIII’s ...

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Laurinaitus was ‘Surprised’ by the Rams’ Lack of Communication

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The Rams’ relocation stung many St. Louisans, probably none more so than team employees. Be they beer vendors, PR staff, or equipment managers, the move forced difficult decisions for some affected while others were left in the wind. Players were no exception, especially in James Laurinaitis’ case. The new Saints linebacker headed west after spending his career in St. Louis, ...

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Stories You Won’t See On HBO’s “Hard Knocks” With the LA Rams

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Exciting news! The Los Angeles Rams will be the featured attraction on HBO’s annual summer series, “Hard Knocks.” This of course is the Emmy-winning reality show that imbeds camera crews in an NFL training camp every year to capture those unique behind-the-scenes moments that no one could see without HBO’s remarkable all-access presence. (Well, not really. The players and coaches ...

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Reliving the Heartbreak: Hard Knocks to Feature Rams’ Relocation to Los Angeles

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Hey St. Louis, remember when the NFL and Rams owner Stan Kroenke stripped your city of a team after a drawn-out fight to keep the franchise in St. Louis? Your heartbreak and betrayal will now be televised on premium cable! NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Wednesday at the NFL’s annual meeting that the Rams will be the subject of the next season of HBO’s ...

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Daily Bernie: March 22 – No ‘St. Louis Raiders’, Brian Elliott Rolling, MLB in Cuba

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NFL owners are meeting in Florida and Mark Davis clearly has no desire to move the Raiders to the riverfront. Bernie covers this on Tuesday’s show, and explores Major League Baseball’s role in Cuba and whether Marco Gonzales has a future with the Cardinals. Interviews include ESPN Sunday Night Baseball’s Dan Shulman, NHL analyst Mike Johnson, and ESPN’s NFL professor John ...

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