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Silent Stan Kroenke’s Move Threatened by Chargers/Raiders Plan

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We’ve all heard the term “life imitates art,” and in the case of the Los Angeles vs. St. Louis stadium saga, this couldn’t be more true. Remember the 1988 film Die Hard? Hans Gruber heads to Los Angeles trying to attain untold riches, by trying to steal $600 million from the Nakatomi Corporation, holding a large group of people hostage in ...

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Bradford Trade Rumors, Blues Making Run to Cup – This Week in STL Sports

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Until recently, Rams fans had heard nothing out of quarterback Sam Bradford’s camp that’d leave them believing the QB wanted anything more than to hang tight in STL and soak up the final season of his lucrative contract. That changed this week. Here’s the rundown of the latest news from this week in St. Louis sports. Rams Want Bradford, but ...

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Reviewing St. Louis vs. Los Angeles Stadium Developments

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St. Louis has been here before, staring at the possibility of losing a team. Yet, as the region attempts to maintain its status as an NFL city, a race is intensifying on the St. Louis and Los Angeles fronts to build a new stadium deemed worthy enough to host a franchise. Talk of new stadiums leaves many pondering what will become of the Rams’ current home, ...

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