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101ESPN Listeners Sound Off on Kevin Demoff, and They Don’t Mince Words

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St. Louis football fans’ emotions ran high this week after Rams COO/Stan Kroenke lapdog, Kevin Demoff was heard saying Rams employees “couldn’t eat the food delivered to their offices” when the team’s offices were still in Earth City. Bernie Miklasz and Kevin Wheeler shared a humorous Thursday Crossover on the subject and listeners tried desperately to be heard via texts into ...

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Reliving the Heartbreak: Hard Knocks to Feature Rams’ Relocation to Los Angeles

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Hey St. Louis, remember when the NFL and Rams owner Stan Kroenke stripped your city of a team after a drawn-out fight to keep the franchise in St. Louis? Your heartbreak and betrayal will now be televised on premium cable! NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Wednesday at the NFL’s annual meeting that the Rams will be the subject of the next season of HBO’s ...

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Rams’ Professional Liar Kevin Demoff Spoke on a Panel About Ethics in Sports

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There are a lot of incongruous events happening in pro sports. The Chicago Cubs are the favorites to win the World Series. Mark Sanchez is the number one quarterback for the current Super Bowl Champions. Former Clippers owners Donald and Shelly Sterling are happily married, despite V Stiviano’s intervention. But nothing happening compares to what happened over the weekend at the South ...

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Chris Long on “Unfortunate” Way Things Worked Out with Rams

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The Rams’ flight west hurt St. Louis fans on several fronts, none possibly worse than the loss of certain exceptional community role models. Chris Long is at the top of this list, whether he was helping St. Louis’ homeless population, or bringing clean drinking water to third world countries. The free agent D-lineman recently joined The Fast Lane to discuss ...

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A Warm St. Louis “Thank You” to Chris Long and James Laurinaitis

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The Los Angeles Rams severed more ties with the St. Louis Rams on Friday by releasing defensive end Chris Long and middle linebacker James Laurinaitis. They tried everything they could, in vain, to help transform the STL Rams into a winner. Talk about giving up your athletic prime for a lost cause … If you’re one of the people that whines ...

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Exec. on What Has to Go Right for St. Louis to Become an MLS City

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St. Louis is seemingly a step closer to being an MLS city, as news came out this week that a handful of sports and business executives have formed a group focused on attracting an expansion franchise. The group, called MLS2STL, includes Cardinals president Bill DeWitt III, Blues CEO Chris Zimmerman, former St. Louis NFL stadium task force leader Dave Peacock, ...

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Author Details Old Guard vs. New Guard in Rams’ L.A. Move

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As the Rams make their way out of St. Louis, details continue to emerge on what transpired the day in January the NFL owners voted to approve the team’s move to Los Angeles. A recent ESPN article details the backhanded relationships and eleventh hour deals that led to Rams owner Stan Kroenke ultimately getting the green light to head west. The article’s co-author, ...

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