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Rams Need More than QB/Talent to Compete with Seahawks

Jeff Fisher featured

The two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl have become a war of attrition for football fans. Storylines become played out quickly, individual matchups are overanalyzed and overblown, and we hear the words “legacy” and “elite” in relation to quarterbacks used ad nauseam. But there is one topic that, while uninspired itself, I do enjoy discussing leading up to ...

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No “Good Guy” in This Super Bowl

Kevin Wheeler Featured

There are a lot of great story lines for the upcoming Super Bowl…but is there a team the average football fan can really get behind? We’re talking football fans outside of Seattle and New England, obviously, and I’m excluding the gamblers whose rooting interest will lie with the side they placed their money on at the table. On one side, you ...

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Rams Face Potential Issues Hiring Offensive Coordinator

Brian Schottenheimer Featured

Rams fans rejoiced when they heard the announcement last week that Brian Schottenheimer had been hired to become the next offensive coordinator at the University of Georgia. For the past three years, fans have complained about Schottenheimer’s play-calling so their reaction to the news was entirely predictable. But while most fans would take a headset duct-taped to a construction cone ...

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