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The Benefits of Rams Trading Back on No. 10 Pick

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What to do with draft pick number ten? That’s the question. Last week I discussed seven options for the Rams’ first round selection. Now, let’s expound on the strategy that could be most beneficial to the team. Like most NFL draftniks, I’m addicted to mocks. Be it Peter King’s or Larry King’s, I’ll consume it all the same. And no matter which mock I look ...

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Winston vs. Mariota – Who Can Hang at Pro Level?


Jameis Winston vs. Marcus Mariota…it’s the topic that just won’t quit. Bravo to NFL Network’s Mike Mayock for ranking Mariota ahead of Winston as his top quarterback going into the draft. Most rankings had Winston going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers later this month as the number one overall selection, so I applaud Mayock for going out on a limb. It’s refreshing to have intrigue ...

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Weighing the Importance of the Point After Attempt

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I’m on the fence about the NFL potentially making changes to the time-honored point after attempt. If the Competition Committee gets its way, the PAT is going the way of the dodo, meaning professional football could change sometime this May if someone comes up with a viable plan. To most people, it’s a meaningless play with a predictable outcome in an otherwise unpredictable sport. ...

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