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The Blues’ Comeback at Chicago Was Special

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I’m not one to make excuses for teams or athletes, but as a reasonable person I acknowledge that fluctuations are inevitable. No team, no player, maintains the exact same level of performance over an entire season. It’s impossible. There will be great days, bad days, low-energy days, high-intensity days. Successful teams will lose to awful opponents, then pivot and unexpectedly ...

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Blues’ Success Despite Injuries is a Good Sign

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While one shouldn’t hand out trophies for early season wins, it’s important to give recognition for a strong performance where it’s due. You can’t win a division this early but you can lose one. Look at the hole the seven-loss Ducks have dug for themselves. What the Blues have done thus far, banking points while dealing with significant injuries to key ...

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Daily Bits: Rams O-Line Not Protecting Foles

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Here’s your latest serving of the (almost) daily weekday Bernie Bits, found only on … Two games isn’t much to go on, and entering the regular season we knew that an inexperienced Rams’ offensive line would need time to mature and develop cohesion. The hope is that the O-line will settle in sooner than expected, but if the first ...

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The Blues Are Getting a Look at Their Speedier Future at Prospect Camp

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The Blues’ first steps toward a younger, faster core are taking place this week with the club’s annual Prospect Camp at St. Louis Outlet Mall. The camp features players that could be sporting the Note full-time next season. Blues’ fans are craving new blood following the team’s early playoff exit in April, and whether it comes from inside or outside the ...

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