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Loss of Pietrangelo Will Challenge the Blues … Again

NOT-SO-GRAND OLE OPRYNashville snaps St. Louis' seven-game winning spree

The Blues have another significant injury to deal with, this time with the harmed right knee of defenseman Alex Pietrangelo. In other words: it’s business as usual, so here are your crutches — and don’t be late for your appointment at the doctor’s office. This is latest challenge for a Blues team that’s endured stretches of competing without the likes ...

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Biggest Challenge to Come, but Resilient Blues Are Passing the Test

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Given the constant disruption of their lineup continuity this season, the Blues should be commended for a .630 winning percentage that ranks 5th among the 30 NHL teams. It hasn’t been easy, not for one stride. And while the Blues slogged through a two-month stretch of .500 hockey they’ve emerged from a haze of blown leads to win five of their ...

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The Rams Are Gone. Next: Who Will Benefit the Most?


I’m sure I’ll be spending plenty of time looking back, but for now I want to move forward by asking this question: with the Rams departure to Los Angeles, there’s a void in the St. Louis-area sports marketplace. Of the teams and the sports that remain in the STL lineup, who will gain the most from the Rams’ exit? Here’s ...

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With Cracks in Foundation, Blues Coach Ken Hitchcock Is Under Pressure

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The Blues zoomed off to a terrific start to the season, going 11-3-1 in their first 15 games, outscoring opponents by 11 goals, and showing admirable resilience as key players began falling to the injury blitz. But the impressive jump into the 2015-2016 schedule didn’t last. Key forward Jaden Schwartz — out since Oct. 20 with a fractured left ankle — ...

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Blues’ Defense is Strong. The Offense? Not as Much

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The St. Louis Blues are currently the Western Conference’s number two overall team with 33 points through 25 games. Sunshine, skittles, and beer for the team and fans, right? Not entirely. The Note has struggled offensively as of late, going 4-4-2 in their last ten games. Teams outscored St. Louis 30-24 in that span, with losses coming from top-tier Eastern Conference teams ...

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The Blues’ Comeback at Chicago Was Special

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I’m not one to make excuses for teams or athletes, but as a reasonable person I acknowledge that fluctuations are inevitable. No team, no player, maintains the exact same level of performance over an entire season. It’s impossible. There will be great days, bad days, low-energy days, high-intensity days. Successful teams will lose to awful opponents, then pivot and unexpectedly ...

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Blues’ Success Despite Injuries is a Good Sign

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While one shouldn’t hand out trophies for early season wins, it’s important to give recognition for a strong performance where it’s due. You can’t win a division this early but you can lose one. Look at the hole the seven-loss Ducks have dug for themselves. What the Blues have done thus far, banking points while dealing with significant injuries to key ...

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