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The Kevin Wheeler Show 4-24-14 11 AM

11:00 Home ice definitely an advantage in Blues/Hawks 11:15 Jon Sciambi 11:30 Radio Chat Room 11:45 Poll Results and Crossover

Why is Jon Sciambi still not worried about his favorites in the Central, the Cardinals? He tells

Jon Sciambi joined Kevin Wheeler to discuss the pine tar incident with Pinedia, why people's argument against Pinedia don't make sense, and allowing pine tar. They also discussed the AL East and all the competition, as well as the NL Central and why the Cards are still the best in the division and maybe the league.

“They missed a big call.” Wheeler on Blues Loss

Why is Johnny Manziel not a fit for the Rams, even if he’s available at 13? Tony Softli breaks down

Tony Softli joined Kevin Wheeler to talk about the Rams schedule, not putting too much emphasis on it, Johnny Manziel and why Tony has him as the 7th best QB in the draft, and the development of QBs and why that'd made a QB like Gabbert better.

What are the biggest factors in the now best of 3 series between the Blues and Hawks? Greg Millen

Greg Millen joined Kevin Wheeler to talk about the Blues / Blackhawks series, what the Blues and Shattenkirk could've done different on the Kane OT goal, the ability of both goalies to rebound from bad goals, the momentum swings in this series, and home ice being a factor. They also looked at how the other series are shaping up.

The Kevin Wheeler Show 4-24-14 10 AM

10:00 Tony Softli 10:15 Should Pine Tar be legal for pitchers in the MLB? 10:30 Greg Millen 10:45 Cards try to get offense going, keeping Lance Lynn going, and get to Bartolo Colon

The Kevin Wheeler Show 4-24-14 9 AM

9:00 Playbook 9:15 Blues team and D to blame for 3 of the 4 goals but he calls out the refs for blowing a call on the first goal 9:30 Cards and Wacha affected by the weather but not the reason he loss effectiveness 9:45 Rams schedule - way too early to draw conclusions

The Kevin Wheeler Show 4-23-14 11 AM

11:00 Coach Venturi 11:15 Radio Chat Room 11:30 Keys to a Blues win tonight 11:45 Poll Results and Crossover

The Kevin Wheeler Show 4-23-14 10 AM

10:00 Why Kim Anderson may not be the splash Mizzou needs 10:15 MLB News and Notes 10:30 Blues gets prepped for Hawks - Steen and Jackman talk about what they need to do 10:45 Mike Greenberg

Why has the perception of 500 HRs been tainted? Mike Greenberg expounds

Mike Greenberg joined Kevin Wheeler to talk about the NBA playoffs, who's the favorites, Washington trying to pull off the upset, they also discussed Albert Pujols, his legacy, and the 500 HR club.

Why do the Rams hold the key to the NFL draft this season? Coach Venturi answers

Coach Rick Venturi joined Kevin Wheeler to talk about what the Rams options are at #2 and #13, what pushing back the draft has done for the teams, Johnny Manziel and why not to believe anything you hear this time of year, why the Rams may have messed up by not showing interest early on in process, and why the Rams hold the key to their future and the 2014 NFL Draft.

The Kevin Wheeler Show 4-23-14 9 AM

9:00 The Playbook 9:15 No need to worry yet on lack of power - comparable to last season 9:30 Jeremy Rutherford 9:45 Why not much hype on Pujols' 500 HR?

Has David Backes made enough progress to be on the ice tonight? Jeremy Rutherford believes so

JR joined Kevin Wheeler to talk about David Backes and his possible return, what it would mean to have him back, Oshie getting his game going again, the Power Play needing to find success, the soft goals being a key to this series, and the duo of Kane and Toews back together.

The Kevin Wheeler Show 4-22-14 11 AM

11:00 Cardinals underperforming outfield could see mix up if not righted 11:15 Radio Chat Room 11:30 Allan Muir 11:45 Poll Results and Crossover

Does Ryan Miller still look “uncomfortable” in net for the Blues? Allan Muir dissects

Allan Muir of dissects the first round of the NHL playoffs especially on the Western Conference side, they talked about the lower seeds regaining home ice advantage, he also touched on the Blues courage and tenacity they've shown thus far, the goaltending in this series, why Ryan Miller still looks uncomfortable, but that could make the Blues dangerous if he finds it, and the "punishment" the NHL has handed out and it's inconsistencies.

The Kevin Wheeler Show 4-22-14 10 AM

10:00 Rams in on Johnny Manziel or are we beginning to reach for stories? 10:15 Are we seeing less talent in MLB? Causing teams to lock up young talent? 10:30 Blues not comparing this year to last year - staying positive 10:45 Marc Lillibridge

The Kevin Wheeler Show 4-22-14 9 AM

9:00 The Playbook 9:15 Corey Crawford steals the game from the Blues 9:30 Bernie Miklasz 9:45 Cards lack of offensive production from key contributors concerning but expected to come around

Marc Lillibridge: “It would not surprise me if (the Rams) use a first-round pick to draft a QB”

Marc Lillibridge joined Kevin Wheeler to talk about the NFL making the bad decision to push the draft back and how it affects everyone from agent, draftees, and fans, they also talked about the possibility of the Rams drafting a QB, why Bridge would love to see Johnny Manziel in St. Louis, and why he thinks Bradford needs some legit competition to push him.

The Kevin Wheeler Show 4-21-14 11 AM

11:00 Seth Everett 11:15 Radio Chat Room 11:30 Blues must forget the hit as they go to Chicago 11:45 Poll Results and Crossover

Brett McMillan’s Redbird Report: Maness, Cardinals fritter away a Washington finale

The Kevin Wheeler Show 4-21-14 10 AM

10:00 Reed Low 10:15 Rams to draft a QB in the first 3 rounds? 10:30 Blackhawks reaction to the Backes hit - "wakey wakey Backes" 10:45 MLB News and Notes

Seth Everett previews the Cardinals-Mets series

Seth Everett joined Kevin Wheeler to talk about the upcoming series between the Cards and Mets.

The Kevin Wheeler Show 4-21-14 9 AM

9:00 The Playbook 9:15 Blues take 2-0 series lead to Chicago, learning from last year? 9:30 Bernie Miklasz 9:45 Cards/Nats series loss by both teams with Defense

Brett McMillan’s Redbird Report: Waino, Cardinals lay waste to Washington Nats

The Kevin Wheeler Show 4-17-14 11 AM

11:00 Radio Chat Room 11:15 Bob Carpenter 11:45 Crossover

The Fast Lane 04-23-2014 5pm hour

5:00 IJS 5:15 Tony La Russa INT 5:30 Blues-Blackhawks Game 4 Preview 5:45 Savard Says

The Fast Lane 04-23-2014 4pm hour

4:00 4 o'clock fight 4:15 Cardinals-Mets Game 3 Preview 4:30 Hot Topics from the Day in Sports 4:45 John Clayton INT

Carey Davis on the agonizing wait for the NFL draft 04-23-2014

Should the NFL move the draft back to April? Super Bowl champ Carey Davis gives his take.

Take It or Leave It: 4-23-14

The Fast Lane 04-23-2014 3pm hour

3:00 TIOLI 3:15 Carey Davis INT 3:30 Blues Sound 3:45 Does Anyone Care About Albert?

The Fast Lane 04-23-2014 2pm hour

2:00 Cardinals Win 2:15 Mr. 500

Tony La Russa calls Albert Pujols the best player he has ever managed 04-23-2014

Why is Albert Pujols the best player Tony La Russa ever managed? The Hall of Famer explains and talks about No. 5's big feat.

John Clayton talks about Seattle QB Russell Wilson’s less-than-stellar compensation 04-23-2014

Are we done talking about Eli Manning contending for a Super Bowl? John Clayton tells us.

I’m Just Sayin’: 04-23-2014

4 o’clock fight: 4-23-14

The Fast Lane 04-22-2014 4pm hour

4:00 4 o'clock fight

The Fast Lane 04-22-2014 5pm hour

5:00 IJS 5:15 Sam Bradford 5:30 Cardinals-Mets Game 2 Preview 5:45 Savard Says

The Fast Lane 04-22-2014 3pm hour

3:00 TIOLI 3:15 NFL News and Notes 3:30 Blues Sound 3:45 Trout vs. Harper

The Fast Lane 04-22-2014 2pm hour

2:00 Blues Fall to Hawks 2:15 Andy Katz INT 2:30 Cardinals-Mets Review 2:45 Sports Six Pack

I’m Just Sayin’: 04-22-2014

Mike Sando considers if the Rams could spend their No. 2 overall pick on Sammy Watkins 04-22-2014

How does the signing of Terelle Pryor affect the Seahawks' QB lineup? Mike Sando tells us.

Take It or Leave It: 4-22-14

4 o’clock fight: 4-22-14

Andy Katz weighs the possibility of hoops becoming the premier sport at Mizzou 04-21-2014

What would it take for Mizzou to land Gregg Marshall? ESPN senior college basketball writer Andy Katz tells us.

The Fast Lane 04-21-2014 3pm hour

3:00 TIOLI 3:15 Tony Softli INT 3:30 Blues Sound 3:45 Sports Six Pack

The Fast Lane 04-21-2014 4pm hour

4:00 4 o'clock fight 4:15 Jeremy Rutherford INT 4:30 Cardinals-Mets Preview 4:45 Hot Topics from the Day in Sports

The Fast Lane 04-21-2014 2pm hour

2:00 BLUES WIN 2:15 Seabrook Hit 2:30 Cardinals-Nationals Review 2:45 Mizzou Coaching Search

The Fast Lane 04-21-2014 5pm hour

5:00 IJS 5:15 Bernie Miklasz INT 5:30 Blues-Hawks Game 3 Preview 5:45 Savard Says

I’m Just Sayin’: 04-21-2014

Jeremy Rutherford on what Seabrook’s absence means for Chicago 04-21-2014

How will Brent Seabrook's absence affect the Blackhawks? Jeremy Rutherford tells us.

Reliever Jason Motte updates his rehab

SS Jhonny Peralta discusses enthusiasm for the Cards: ‘I want to be a champion’

Cardinals GM John Mozeliak reveals Chris Carpenter’s new role with the team

Adam Wainwright reacts to Kershaw’s new contract: ‘You can’t buy happiness’

Catcher Yadier Molina approves of MLB’s work to eliminate home-plate collisions

Adam Wainwright: ‘I attacked the guys that I should have attacked, and I lost’

Cards’ Allen Craig discusses physical condition after Game 5 loss to Red Sox

Listen to Cardinals manager Mike Matheny’s postgame press conference 10-28-13

Listen to Cardinals manager Mike Matheny’s postgame press conference 10-27-13

Listen to Cardinals manager Mike Matheny’s postgame press conference 10-26-13

2B Wong on getting picked off in Game 4

Cardinals 3B David Freese on Boston SP Clay Buchholz: ‘He absolutely knows how to pitch when his speed isn’t there’

Allen Craig reflects on the obstruction play, his approach against Uehara 10-26-13

Joe Torre and umpires Jim Joyce and John Hirschbeck talk with media following Game 3 10-26-13

Boston skipper John Farrell gives his perspective on the obstruction call 10-26-13

Mike Matheny addresses Allen Craig’s rehab progress, managing a WS, more 10-21-13

Allen Craig offers an update on his foot, approach on Fenway Park 10-21-13

Shane Robinson talks about two-hit night

David Freese reflects on the Cardinals’ latest trip to WS: ‘Winning is great, but building relationships is even better’

Brian Stull’s one-on-one with Cardinals outfielder Carlos Beltran moments after winning the NLCS

NLCS MVP Michael Wacha: ‘I’m just trying to enjoy the ride right now’

Lefty Randy Choate discusses disposing of LF Carl Crawford to begin the eighth

Cards reliever Kevin Siegrist talks about retiring Michael Young in a tough spot

Cards starter Adam Wainwright on heading to L.A. up 2-0: ‘That team is very good from top to bottom … but so are we’

Listen to Cardinals manager Mike Matheny’s postgame press conference 10-11-13

The Back Nine 03-14-2014

The Back Nine 03-07-2014

The Back Nine 02-14-2014

The Back Nine 01-31-2014

The Back Nine 01-23-2014

Dustin, Adam and Dr. Tobin discuss the early 2014 winners on the PGA Tour and then welcome PGA professional Brett Moomey, who is attending the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando to critique new equipment and gadgets being introduced.

The Back Nine 12-05-2013

The Back Nine 10-29-2013

The Back Nine 10-08-2013

The Back Nine 09-24-2013

Segment 1 – Henrik Stenson captured the 2013 Fed Ex Cup and a smooth $11.4 million. Just how good can Henrik Stenson be? Segment 2 – Why is change so difficult? Jeff Pelizzaro of Elevated Performance discusses the challenges of making a golf swing change. Segment 3 – Keith Baker of GolfTec goes On The Lesson Tee. Just how important is it to match your personality and your golf swing? Segment 4 – “In Case You Missed It”: Dustin, Adam and Dr. Tobin recap the hot topics from the past week in the world of golf.

The Back Nine 09-17-2013

Segment 1 – Jim Furyk shoots 59 at the BMW Championship, but it was Zach Johnson who captured the title. Only one event remains to crown the 2013 Fed Ex Cup Champion. Segment 2 – The guys go On The Lesson Tee, discussing the latest in golf simulators on display at GolfTec. Segment 3 – Bob Harig of ESPN previews this week’s Tour Championship and discusses the amazing season of PGA Tour rookie Jordan Spieth. Segment 4 – One plane, two plane, stack and tilt are all buzz words circulating the world of golf instruction. Sean Foley, the game's hottest instructor, subscribes to many of the Stack and Tilt principles.

The Back Nine 06-22-2013 Segment Five

The Back Nine 06-22-2013 Segment Six

The Back Nine 06-22-2013 Segment Seven

The Back Nine 06-22-2013 Segment Eight

The Back Nine 06-22-2013 Segment Two

The Back Nine 06-22-2013 Segment Three

The Back Nine 06-22-2013 Segment Four

The Back Nine 06-22-2013 Segment One

The Back Nine: dunc-tumor picked wrong brain to mess with: 11-14-12


The Back Nine: Chris Duncan on Bernie Miklasz : 8-16-11

Mini-Dunc stops by to discuss the Cardinals.

The Back Nine: test: 6-7-11


101 ESPN Special Football Show 4 o’clock Hour

4:00 - DeSean Jackson/Bennie Cunningham INT // 4:15 - Rams Talk (w/Les Snead audio) // 4:30 - More draft talk // 4:45 - Ranking the QB's in the draft

101 ESPN Special Football Show 3 o’clock Hour

3:00 - Show open/hot topics // 3:15 - Johnny Hekker INT // 3:30 - Draft Possibilites // 3:45 - The Rap Sheet

101 ESPN Special Football Show 5 o’clock Hour

5:00 - Ranking the DB's in the draft // 5:15 - NCAA players could form a union

Benny Cunningham 4-7-2014

Rams running back Benny Cunningham talks with Tony Softli and Micheal Young.

Johnny Hekker 4-7-2014

Johnny Hekker joins Tony Softli and Micheal Young to discuss the Rams' offseason program.

Micheal Young and Jason Frazier look ahead to MLB action on “Almost Famous”

Watkins: I need to improve route-running ‘to become a dominant player in the NFL’

Alabama safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix: ‘I can play both deep field and inside the box’

Rodger Saffold Press Conference

Micheal Young, Jason Frazier welcome Mike Hill to the “Almost Famous” podcast

South Carolina WR Bruce Ellington on his first love of basketball

Arizona HC Bruce Arians gives his take on shorter and quicker QBs in the NFL

Lindenwood CB Pierre Desir talks about how he has improved his game since the Senior Bowl

Broncos GM John Elway believes no re-evaluation is necessary for Denver following SB loss

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy: Lacy must become ‘a three-down player’

Redskins HC Jay Gruden expounds on building rapport with QB Robert Griffin III

Missouri star: ‘I wish you guys would see me as Michael Sam the football player’

Clowney: ‘I want to be one of the greatest of all time, and the NFL is just next level’

Jeff Fisher: ‘One of the two reasons I took this job was because of Sam (Bradford)’

Johnny Manziel references “extremely hard decision” not to throw in Indianapolis

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll: NFL draft evaluation process ‘still a crapshoot’

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett talks about his role in DAL’s offense at the NFL Combine 02-20-2014

Micheal Young, Jason Frazier, Bradford Bruns react to Ted Wells’ Dolphins report

Gregg Williams press conference – 2/13/14

Micheal Young, Bradford Bruns, Jason Frazier tackle the weekend’s title games

Brett McMillan’s Redbird Report: Wacha outfoxes Cincy lefty Cingrani in rematch

Listen to Louisville coach Rick Pitino’s postgame press conference 3-28-14

Listen to Kentucky coach John Calipari’s postgame press conference 3-28-14

Louisville’s Russ Smith reflects on his college career following his team’s loss to UK

Alvin Reid and Marty Jenkins break down all eight of the Sweet 16 matchups on tap

Listen to Mizzou coach Frank Haith’s postgame press conference 3-23-14

Instant Analysis: Bradford Bruns absorbs Frank Haith’s campaign-ending address

Instant Analysis: Marty Jenkins recaps Sunday’s festivities at Scottrade Center

Max Copeland speaks to reporters at Missouri’s pro day about changing positions 03-20-2014

Hear Rammer and Earl Austin Jr. call SLU’s victory over NC State 03-20-2014

SLU assistant coach Tanner Bronson reacts to the Billikens’ 83-80 OT win vs. NC State 03-20-2014

Alvin Reid, Marty Jenkins on the brackets

Instant Analysis: Marty Jenkins details how Shockers finished an undefeated run

Instant Analysis: Marty Jenkins explains how Flyers crashed Billikens’ senior night

Instant Analysis: Bradford Bruns on MU senior Ross saving the day vs. Aggies

The Billiken Basketball Show 03-03-2014

Listen to Mississippi State Bulldogs coach Rick Ray’s postgame press conference 3-1-14

Listen to Mizzou coach Frank Haith’s postgame press conference 3-1-14

Instant Analysis: Bradford Bruns says MU found a new offensive star vs. Bulldogs

Instant Analysis: Marty Jenkins scrutinizes Bills’ stunning defeat to Dukes

SLU coach Jim Crews reacts to his team’s 71-64 loss to Duquesne 02-27-2014

The Billiken Basketball Show 02-24-2014

Randy Karraker, filling in for Bob Ramsey, is joined by SLU basketball coaches Jim Crews and Lisa Stone.

Instant Analysis: Bradford Bruns touches on Mizzou’s close call against Vanderbilt

Frank Haith, Jordan Clarkson and Wes Clark react to Missouri’s 67-64 win over Vandy 02-19-2014

Jim Crews reacts to SLU’s 89-85 win over George Mason 02-19-2014

MMA Hit Squad 5-4-2013 6pm Hour

6:00 - Local sports chat / 6:15 - National MMA talk / 6:30 - Matt Hughes INT / 6:45 - A look ahead-Show wrap-up

Matt Hughes

Matthew Hughes is an American retired mixed martial artist, NJCAA and UFC Hall of Fame inductee, and former two-time UFC Welterweight Champion. He joins the guys to discuss topics including his new role with the UFC.

Frank Page Sr.

Mr. Page discusses his son's battle with being bullied and how MMA changed his life.

MMA Hit Squad 5-4-2013 5pm Hour

5:00 - A review of the week's fights / 5:15 - MMA Local Talk / 5:30 - Frankie Page Sr. (a story of bullying) / 5:45 - A look at some big fights-Is the UFC ready for an openly gay fighter?

Scott Coker

Garrett Gross

MMA Hit Squad 04-28-13 6pm hour

MMA Hit Squad 04-28-13 5pm hour

EJ Brooks

MMA Hit Squad 04-20-2013 6pm hour

MMA Hit Squad 04-20-2013 5pm hour

MMA Hit Squad 04-13-2013 6pm hour

MMA Hit Squad 04-13-2013 5pm hour

Zak Cummings

Todd Brown

Josh Samman

Ultimate Fighter contestant Josh Samman joins the Hit Squad to talk about his status in the Ultimate Fighter and gives an update on his recurring leg injury.

Bobby Voelker

Welter weight Bobby Voelker joins the Hit Squad once again to break down his UFC debut match with Patrick Cote at UFC 158.

MMA Hit Squad 03-16-2013 5pm hour

MMA Hit Squad 03-16-2013 6pm hour

MMA Hit Squad 03-02-2013 6pm hour

Robert Washington

East St. Louis native Robert "The Beast" Washington joins the Hit Squad to talk about his upcoming fight with Javon Wright at Lumiere Casino on March 23rd.

Shannon Knapp

Invictica CEO and President Shannon Knapp joins the Hit Squad to talk about her company's signing of Cris Cyborg and the kind of impact that women are making on the sport of MMA.

MMA Hit Squad 03-02-2013 5pm hour

MMA Hit Squad 02-23-2013 5pm hour

Dave Mirikitana

Finney's MMA wrestling coach Dave Mirikitani joined The Hit Squad to talk about the IOC's decision to remove wrestling from the Olympics and gives his take.