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Jesse Spector 12-17-2013

Sporting News National Baseball writer Jesse Spector talks all Hot Stove happenings with brett McMillan

Greg Auman 12-17-2013

Tampa Bay Times Bucs beat writer Greg Auman talks Rams-Bucs with Brett McMillan.

Steve Walentik 12-10-2013

Columbia Tribune Mizzou beat writer Steve Walentik talks Mizzou hoops with Brett McMillan.

Vinnie Iyer 12-10-2013

Sporting News national NFL writer Vinnie Iyer goes around the NFL with Brett McMillan.

Dan Wolken 11-26-2013

Dan Wolken, National College Football Writer, joins Brett McMillan on 101 Sportsline to discuss the current state of the BCS Championship picture and Mizzou's chances at a National Title.

Micheal Young says Tavon Austin should “take this weekend’s matchup personal” against Devin Hester

Micheal Young joined "101 Sportsline" to talk about the rookie wall, Tavon Austin's encore, and how can the Rams beat the Bears? We also get his take on the Cardinals-Colts game.

Barry Melrose calls the Blues “rock solid”

Barry Melrose joined Reed Low and Tony Softli to talk about the Blues, if they are the most complete team in the NHL, and what to look for against the Boston Bruins.

Tom Dienhart explains why Ohio State’s on the outside looking in with national championship talk

Tom Dienhart joined Tony Softli and Reed Low to discuss Ohio State being on outside looking in, what the Buckeyes can do to strengthen their argument, where Baylor stands in the discussion, and if off-field issues will hurt Jameis Winston in Heisman voting. Also, is Tom Izzo overrated?

Carey Davis explains why Zac Stacy has the edge in the run game over Matt Forte this Sunday

Carey Davis joined "101 Sportsline" to talk about Matt Forte and what makes him such a tough running back, who has the edge in the run game, and the matchup of brothers.

Chris Long talks about why he doesn’t “play with ghosts” and the anticipation of playing his brother

Tony Softli caught up with Chris Long for a few minutes on "101 Sportsline" to talk about the matchup against the Bears, the defensive end's brother, and one of his childhood fears.

Brian Baldinger says the Rams have a lot of things going for them, “but they got to go do it”

Brian Baldinger joined "101 Sportsline" to talk about the Rams, Bears, RGIII, and who are the favorites in the NFC playoff races?

Neil Rackers says despite a disappointing start to the season, he likes the direction of the Rams

Tony Softli and Reed Low were joined by Neil Rackers to talk about expectations going forward and where the Rams are now, what the former kicker did with his bye weeks, how the Rams can defeat the Bears, and Neil's take on the Texans.

Coach Venturi explains why the Rams must focus on the Bears’ wide receivers first and foremost

Tony Softli and Reed Low were joined by Rick Venturi to talk about the expectations going forward with the Rams, how the Rams can stay balanced on offense, and what to look for going against the Bears and Marc Trestman.

Jeremy Rutherford talks about the colorful language Hitchcock used to describe the Blues’ penalty kill on the road

Jeremy Rutherford joined Reed Low and Tony Softli to talk about the Blues' power-play success, penalty-killing success on the road, Magnus Paajarvi's play, and a Patrik Berglund update.

Marc Lillibridge sees the Rams’ cornerbacks vs. the Bears’ wide receivers as the key matchup

Marc Lillibridge joined "101 Sportsline" to talk about the Rams' expectations, Rams' keys vs. the Bears, and Week 11 around the NFL.

Torry Holt reveals expectations for the Rams’ last six games and wants more out of Tavon Austin, Jared Cook

Torry Holt joined "101 Sportsline" and talked about expectations for the last six games, what Tavon Austin can do with the confidence he has built up, if "Big Game" would consider coaching, and thoughts on Calvin Johnson.

Rob Neyer doesn’t see untouchables with the Cardinals’ prospects – with the exception of Oscar Taveras

Rob Neyer joined "101 Sportsline" to talk about the expanded instant replay, the MVP voting system and expectations for the Cardinals this offseason.

Micheal Young wants to see steady improvement in the Rams’ run defense going forward

Micheal Young joined Nick Wagoner and Reed Low to talk about where the Rams are relative to his expectations, what to expect from the running game from here on out, and realistic expectations for the Rams in the last six games.

Ivan Maisel credits Gary Pinkel for Mizzou’s turnaround, not the downturn of the SEC East

Nick Wagoner and Reed Low were joined by Ivan Maisel to talk about Mizzou, what has made this turnaround possible, Franklin or Mauk, and what is the best national title matchup?

Former Blue Mark Rycroft describes the feeling in Colorado on the Erik Johnson trade

Nick Wagoner and Carey Davis were joined by Mark Rycroft to talk about what has led to the turnaround for the Avs, feelings on the Erik Johnson trade years later, and why the city of Denver is jacked up for tonight's game.

Coach Rick Venturi explains why this is the ideal time for the Rams and a bye week

Coach Venturi joined Nick Wagoner and Carey Davis to discuss what he would focus on with the Rams during the bye, how elite is Robert Quinn, moving Rodger Saffold to guard, and why this is an ideal bye week.

Marc Lillibridge explains what Rodger Saffold’s versatility will do for him on the FA market

Marc Lillibridge joined Nick Wagoner and Carey Davis to talk about the Rams' performance, Rodger Saffold, what he tells his players during a bye week, and Dwayne Bowe.

David Morrison touches on the relationship between Mizzou’s coaching staff and DGB 11-12-2013

Tom Pelissero on if the Broncos would bench Manning toward the end of the season 11-12-2013

101 Sportsline 12-17-2013 6pm hour

6:00 Cards winning the winter in the NL Central 6:15 Should Sunday's Rams' win vs. the Saints have been so surprising? 6:30 Jesse Spector INT 6:45 The Blues are improved offensively, but need to start beating premiere teams

101 Sportsline 12-17-2013 7pm Hour

7:00 Things will get worse before they get better for the Dallas Cowboys 7:15 Greg Auman INT 7:30 Stop It 7:45- Around the NFL

101 Sportsline 12-10-2013 7pm hour

7:00 Around Major League Baseball & Pujols on the Fast Lane 7:15 Vinnie Iyer INT 7:30 Stop It 7:45 Chicago Cubs Preview and Jameis Winston Allegations

101 Sportsline 12-10-2013

6:00 Show Open and Blues Talk 6:15 NFL in the Snow? 6:30 Steve Walentik INT 6:45 Rams-Cardinals Review

101 Sportsline 12-3-2013 6pm Hour

6:00 - Mizzou Talk // 6:15 - Profiling the NL Central: Milwaukee Brewers / Kotlen Wong talk // 6:30 - Interview with James Crepea // 6:45 - Stop It! / Rams Talk

101 Sportsline 12-3-2013 7pm Hour

7:00 - A look at the Mike Tomlin situation / Blues Talk

101 Sportsline 11-26-2013 7pm Hour

7:00 - Mizzou and Rams Talk

101 Sportsline 11-26-2013 6pm Hour

6:00 - A look at the recent moves by the Cardinals / 6:15 - Breaking down the Reds this off-season / 6:30 - Guest Dan Wolken / 6:45 - Stop It

101 Sportsline 11-22-13 9 AM

9:00 Rams defense against the Bears offense 9:15 Mizzou heading into Ole Miss, any worry about overlooking the Rebels? 9:30 Rams offense vs. Bears D - Zac Stacy vs. the hurt LB 9:45 Parity in the NFL

101 Sportsline 11-22-13 10 AM

10:00 Micheal Young 10:15 Around the NFL and Final Outlook on Bears/Rams 10:30 Bernie Miklasz 10:45 Poll Results and Crossover

101 Sportsline 11-21-13 9 AM

9:00 Rams vs. Matt Forte, and how to stop them 9:15 Off the field issues with RGIII and Jameis Winston 9:30 Chris Long 9:45 Barry Melrose

101 Sportsline 11-21-13 10 AM

10:00 Tom Dienhart 10:15 Chris Carpenter retires, but leaves a legacy / Matheny's extension / Blues vs. Bruins 10:30 Carey Davis 10:45 Crossover

101 Sportsline 11-20-13 9 am

9:00 Blues turn the page on the road and get a win 9:15 Rams get back to work 9:30 Jeremy Rutherford 9:45 Blues difficult schedule is part of the deal

101 Sportsline 11-20-13 10 am

10:00 Coach Venturi 10:15 Neil Rackers 10:30 Brian Balldinger 10:45 Crossover

101 Sportsline 11-19-2013 7pm hour

7:00 NFL Weekend Review 7:15 Stop It 7:30 Mizzou's Progress & Upcoming CFB Playoff System 7:45 Future of the Rams

101 Sportsline 11-19-2013 6pm hour

6:00 Blues Weekend Recap 6:15 Pittsburgh Pirates Offseason Improvements 6:30 Patrick Finley INT 6:45 Toughest Guys in Sports?

101 Sportsline 11-19-13 10 AM

10:00 Marc Lillibridge 10:15 NFC Wild Card discussion 10:30 Top 10 in College Football 10:45 Crossover and Poll Results

101 Sportsline 11-19-13 9 AM

9:00 Monday Night Football - final call controversy 9:15 Rams get set for the Bears without Cutler 9:30 Bernie Miklasz 9:45 Around the NFL

101 Sportsline 11-18-13 9 AM

9:00 Mizzou gets no help this weekend 9:15 NHL awful scheduling / High School star player picks KU over Illini in a cruel way 9:30 Coach of the Year / Heisman trophy candidates 9:45 Rams key to victory vs. the Bears

101 Sportsline 11-15-13 10 AM

10:00 Nick and Reed go around the NFL 10:15 Michael Young evaluates the Rams 10:30 NL MVP a sham 10:45 Crossover

101 Sportsline 11-14-13 9 AM

Nick Wagoner and Carey Davis talk Rams, Mizzou, and go Around the NFL

101 Sportsline 11-15-13 10 AM

Nick Wagoner and Carey Davis talk to Coach Venturi, talk Peyton Manning, and give the Avs take from Mark Rycroft, and Crossover with the Turn.

101 Sportsline 11-15-13 9 AM

Nick Wagoner and Reed Low on 101 Sportsline - discuss Blues at 9:00 Rams going forward at 9:15 Ivan Maisel at 9:30 and could Nick Saban do what he does in Alabama at Mizzou?

101 Sportsline 11-12-2013 7pm hour

7:00 Potential offseason upgrades for the Cardinals 7:15 Rams-Colts Recap 7:30 David Morrison INT 7:45 Incognito-Glazer Recap