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John Kelly wonders if the Blues are the deepest team in the NHL 04-18-2014

How were the Blues able to become themselves again last night? John Kelly tells us.

Micheal Young digs into Sammy Watkins’ workouts for the Rams 04-18-2014

Is Sammy Watkins the guy for the Rams in the 2014 NFL draft? Mike Young tells us.

Jeremy Rutherford on Blues forward Vladimir Tarasenko’s importance to the team 04-17-2014

What's the best way for the Blues to beat Corey Crawford? Jeremy Rutherford tells us.

Greg Amsinger advocates keeping Carlos Martinez in the Cardinals’ bullpen 04-17-2014

Why would Greg Amsinger keep Carlos Martinez in the bullpen? MLB Network lead anchor Greg Amsinger tells us.

Bernie Miklasz addresses Mizzou coach Frank Haith’s looming interview with Tulsa 04-17-2014

Why is Tulsa making a play for Frank Haith? Bernie Miklasz gives his take.

Brett Hull holds court hours before the Blues and Blackhawks drop the puck in Game 1 04-17-2014

Chris Kerber says Miller shouldn’t be blamed for the Blues’ struggles down the stretch 04-17-2014

What did the Blues' morning skate tell Chris Kerber about their mindset heading into Game 1? Chris Kerber tells us.

Joe Micheletti ponders if Ryan Miller can steal this first-round series for the Blues 04-17-2014

What do the Blues need to do to beat the Blackhawks? NHL analyst Joe Micheletti explains.

Rams COO Kevin Demoff makes a very special announcement 04-16-2014

Rams COO Kevin Demoff stops by the studio to make an exciting announcement.

John Clayton addresses Josh Freeman’s future and Donald’s Trump legitimacy 04-16-2014

Does Josh Freeman have any future as an NFL starter? John Clayton tells us.

Carey Davis wonders how much Chris Johnson has left in the tank 04-16-2014

Does Chris Johnson still have the chops to be a league leader in rushing? Super Bowl champion Carey Davis tells us.

Mike Sando wonders if Kaepernick and Aldon Smith are long for the 49ers 04-15-2014

Will both Colin Kaepernick and Aldon Smith be on the 49ers' roster come training camp? ESPN.com NFL columnist Mike Sando tells us.

ESPN’s Barry Melrose says the Blues can still save themselves 04-15-2014

Can the Note bounce back and knock the Blackhawks out of the playoffs? ESPN NHL analyst Barry Melrose tells us how the Blues can become themselves again.

Jeremy Rutherford expects to see a vastly different team vs. CHI 04-14-2014

How quickly can the injured Blues come back and contribute to this Stanley Cup run? Jeremy Rutherford tells us.

Tony Softli comments on 49ers star Smith’s latest run-in with law 04-14-2014

Tony Softli tackles WR Green-Beckham’s dismissal from MU program 04-11-2014

Jeremy Rutherford gives the latest injury update on one David Backes 04-10-2014

Is David Backes' injury something about which to worry? Jeremy Rutherford tells us.

Micheal Young digs into the scandal surrounding Colin Kaepernick 04-10-2014

Carey Davis wonders if A.J. McCarron has those priorities in order 04-09-2014

John Clayton ponders a Watkins-Johnson partnernship in the Motor City 04-09-2014

Are the Lions trading up to get Sammy Watkins? John Clayton tells us.

Ex-Tigers star Kellen Winslow weighs in on Mizzou’s mounting issues 04-09-2014

As a new athletic director, is Kellen Winslow cringing about what's going on in Columbia? The Pro Football Hall of Famer tells us.

Greg Amsinger examines how Hamilton transforms the Reds’ lineup 04-09-2014

Reed Low emphasizes that the Blues must bounce back vs. Caps 04-08-2014

After two straight losses, how important is it for the Blues to get back on track with a win tonight? Reed Low tells us.

Coach Rick Venturi advises the Rams to step away from DE Clowney 04-08-2014

Why can the Rams afford to pass on Jadeveon Clowney? Rick Venturi tells us.

The Fast Lane 04-18-2014 5pm hour

5:00 IJS/ McNabbed 5:15 Cardinals/Nationals Preview 5:30 Sports Six Pack 5:45 Blues/Hawks Game 2 Preview

The Fast Lane 04-18-2014 4pm hour

4:00 4 o'clock fight 4:15 John Kelly INT 4:30 Who Should Mizzou Hire? 4:45 Hot Topics from the Day in Sports

The Fast Lane 04-18-2014 3pm hour

3:00 TIOLI 3:15 Cardinals-Nationals Review 3:30 Haith Leaves 3:45 Ryan Miller

The Fast Lane 04-18-2014 2pm hour

2:00 BLUES WIN 2:15 Blues Sound 2:30 Micheal Young INT

The Fast Lane 04-17-2014 5pm hour

5:15 IJS/ Masters Ratings 5:30 Hot Topics in Sports 5:45 Savard Says

The Fast Lane 04-17-2014 3pm hour

3:00 TIOLI 3:15 Greg Amsinger INT 3:30 Chris Kerber INT 3:45 Miller Time?

The Fast Lane 04-17-2014 2pm hour

2:00 Blues-Blackhawks Tonight 2:15 Joe Micheletti INT 2:30 Cardinals-Brewers Review 2:45 Sports Six Pack

The Fast Lane 04-16-2014 4pm hour

4:00 Kevin Demoff INT 4:30 4 o'clock fight 4:45 John Clayton INT

The Fast Lane 04-16-2014 5pm hour

The Fast Lane 04-16-2014 3pm hour

3:00 TIOLI 3:15 Hitch Prepares for Blackhawks 3:30 Carey Davis INT 3:45 Cardinals - Kelly Out

The Fast Lane 04-16-2014 2pm hour

2:00 Cards Beat Brewers 2:15 Blues Prepare for Blackhawks 2:30 NFL News and Notes 2:45 Sports Six Pack

The Fast Lane 04-15-2014 3pm hour

3:00 TIOLI 3:15 NFL News and Notes 3:30 Sports Six Pack 3:45 Cal on NCAA

The Fast Lane 04-15-2014 2pm hour

The Fast Lane 04-15-2014 4pm hour

4:00 4 o'clock fight 4:15 Blues Get Ready 4:30 Mike Sando INT 4:45 Hot Topics from the Day in Sports

I’m Just Sayin’: 04-15-2014

The Fast Lane 04-15-2014 5pm hour

5:00 IJS 5:15 Cardinals-Brewers Preview 5:30 Barry Melrose INT 5:45 Savard Says

The Fast Lane 04-14-2014 4pm hour

4:00 4 o'clock fight 4:15 Jeremy Rutherford INT 4:30 Sports Six Pack 4:45 Hot Topics from the Day in Sports

The Fast Lane 04-14-2014 5pm hour

5:00 IJS 5:15 Bernie Miklasz INT 5:30 Cardinals-Brewers Preview 5:45 Savard Says

The Fast Lane 04-14-2014 3pm hour

3:00 TIOLI 3:15 Tony Softli INT 3:30 Cardinals News and Notes 3:45 Messages on Blues

The Fast Lane 04-14-2014 2pm hour

2:00 Blues Fall AGAIN 2:15 Cards-Cubs 2:30 Aldon Smith 2:45 Masters

The Fast Lane 04-11-2014 5pm hour

5:00 IJS 5:15 Jeremy Rutherford INT 5:30 Blues' Big Weekend 5:45 Cardinals-Cubs

The Fast Lane 04-11-2014 3pm hour

3:00 DGB 3:15 TIOLI 3:30 Tony Softli INT 3:45 Clowney Comes to Town

The Fast Lane 04-11-2014 4pm hour

4:00 4 o'clock fight 4:15

The Fast Lane 04-11-2014 2pm hour

2:00 WE ARE PANICKING 2:15 Cardinals-Cubs Series Preview 2:30 Matthew Leach INT 2:45 David Dusek INT

Randy Karraker and D’Marco Farr argue about stellar RB Chris Johnson’s release

Will Tiger Woods ever win another major? Randy Karraker, Brad Thompson discuss

Is this the end of the road for Tiger Woods? Randy Karraker and Brad Thompson have their say.

Who gets left out of the Cardinals’ rotation? “The Fast Lane” assumes sides

How should St. Louis set up its starting five? Will Joe Kelly get a spot? One member of "The Fast Lane" thinks he should.

D’Marco and Randy clash over Sherman

Karraker, Farr and Thompson break down what makes the Patriots dangerous

‘The Fast Lane’ tackles A-Rod’s lawsuit

The A-Rod saga has taken a new twist. Does he have a case?

Randy Karraker takes QB Kaepernick to task: ‘You’re never right in that situation’

Randy and D’Marco examine if fans have quit on the Rams

Best of The Fast Lane 11-29-2013 5pm Hour

5:00 - Mike Matheny / 5:15 - Howie Long / 5:30 - Dan Dierdorf / 5:45 -Robert Quinn

Best of The Fast Lane 11-29-2013 4pm Hour

4:00 - Mike Ditka / 4:15 - Brett Hull / 4:30 - Kurt Warner / 4:45 - Bernie Miklasz

Best of The Fast Lane 11-29-2013 4pm Hour

4:00 - Mike Ditka / 4:15 - Brett Hull / 4:30 - Kurt Warner / 4:45 - Bernie Miklasz

Best of The Fast Lane 11-29-2013 2pm Hour

2:00 - Dan McLaughlin / 2:15 - Devon Alexander / 2:30 - Dan Shulman / 2:45 - Tom Thibodeau

Best of The Fast Lane 11-29-2013 3pm Hour

3:00 - Herm Edwards / 3:15 - Chris Givens / 3:30 - Jon Gruden / 3:45 - Dick Vermeil

2013 St. Louis Cardinals Recap Show hosted by Randy Karraker

Randy, D’Marco take on Incognito’s saga

Randy Karraker is forced to sing Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” as punishment

FL Theatre: Sunday Dinner w/ the Pelinis

By now, you've probably heard the Bo Pelini audio where he rips Nebraska fans. But what is Bo like outside of football? We take a glimpse into the life of Bo with a Sunday dinner outing at the Pelini household.

Randy: ‘I bet we will never see (Kolten) Wong and (Ryan) Jackson playing together as the keystone combo’ for STL

Randy, D’Marco react to Carpenter news

Randy Karraker and D'Marco Farr weigh in on the day's troubling news concerning Cards righty Chris Carpenter and his suspended rehab program.

Ran-DMC raps about Aaron Hernandez


The Fast Lane’s Weekly Guests
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