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Covering All the Bases: The Yadier Molina Debate and 2017 Predictions

-Yadi’s success in the World Baseball Classic -Assessing Bengie Molina’s comments on MLB Network Radio – is Bengie speaking as a big brother? Or is he saying what Yadi wants to say? -The World Baseball Classic and why it caught our interest…one word; FUN…stop telling these players to cut down on celebrations, they put a lot of work into their ...

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Redbird Rejects Ep. 42 – Best Baseball Movies and Emerging Cardinals Leaders

Cardinals spring training is fun again and we’re talking the best baseball movies of all time. Here’s the rundown: 01:00 Cardinals spring training games are so fun, Adam Wainwright says they’re like little league. 03:00 Mike Matheny made a good move by including everyone in the leadership talk this year. 10:30 Talking Adam Wainwright sharpening his change up 13:00 Is ...

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Redbird Rejects Ep. 40 – Dexter Fowler Making Waves and the Peralta vs. Gyorko Battle for 3B

From the strange outrage over Dexter Fowler’s comments to the battle for third base, there’s plenty to talk about in this week’s episode. Here’s the rundown: 01:00 It’s crunch time for those trying to make an impression in Cardinals Spring Training. 02:00 What to make of Dexter Fowlers comments about Trump’s travel ban. 06:00 What bar tending school taught Dunc ...

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Redbird Rejects Ep. 39 – Bad Alex Reyes News and Spring Training Starts

Alex Reyes goes in for an MRI and we try not to panic. We’re talking that, and other Spring Training story lines this episode. Here’s the rundown: 00:30 Cardinals Spring Training has started. Thank you, Jesus. 03:30 Brad and Dunc’s painful memories of the car shipping conundrum 08:30 Michael Wacha lost his arbitration case. How’s his 2017 shaping up? 16:30 ...

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