Possible Receiver Targets for Rams in 2014 Draft

The Rams’ signing of Kenny Britt has drawn plenty of mixed emotions from fans and media members. Some are elated that the team finally has a potential… Read more »

Mid-Round Quarterback Targets for Rams

Whether the Rams sign Shaun Hill or another veteran to back up Sam Bradford next season, it shouldn’t preclude them from drafting a signal-caller in t… Read more »

Observations from First Week of NFL Free Agency

+ The Raiders remain a living, breathing punch line. It appears that owner Mark Davis started to have buyer’s remorse after his GM Reggie McKenzie was… Read more »

Bridgewater Knows Best Among Incoming Quarterbacks

Teddy Bridgewater is the best quarterback prospect in this year’s draft. If that statement sounds even slightly controversial, it’s only because Bridg… Read more »

Stalter’s Super Bowl XLVIII Notebook

+ From Joe Namath’s false start on the coin flip to the Broncos’ opening play, Super Bowl XLVIII was a mess. It was certainly one of the least competi… Read more »

Williams Will Put His Stamp on Rams’ Rising Unit

Make no mistake: Jeff Fisher has had his imprint on the Rams since the first day he walked through the door in 2012. But perhaps 2014 will actually re… Read more »

Stalter’s Game Notebook: NFL Championship Week

+ It’s unnerving to hear some people in the media claim that Peyton Manning needs to win another Super Bowl to be mentioned in the same conversation a… Read more »

Stalter’s Game Notebook: Wild-Card Weekend

+ In two short years, Andrew Luck has already carved out a spot for himself in Colts history. Think about it: He replaced a legend in Peyton Manning…. Read more »

Stalter’s Game Notebook: Rams-Saints

+ The Rams are highly inconsistent. It’s maddening, really. But when they’ve won games this season, they usually do three things: Generate pressure wi… Read more »

Stalter’s Game Notebook: Rams-49ers

+ From the Rams’ standpoint, there were too many head-scratching moments, decisions and plays that went into their 23-13 loss to the 49ers. But if you… Read more »

Rams-49ers Primer

+ In prepping for the Rams’ matchup with the 49ers, I started to look back at that Thursday night game at the Edward Jones Dome in which San Francisco… Read more »

Stalter’s Game Notebook: Rams-Bears

+ Over the past seven games, the Rams have slowly built an identity on offense. Coming into the season, everyone thought that this would be a pass-fir… Read more »

Cardinals Represent Bedrock of Stability in Fickle Sports World

I once worked for a place that treated its employees like bottles on a conveyor belt. This company became so accustomed to hiring people that when I t… Read more »

Stalter’s Game Notebook: Rams-Colts

+ After watching the Rams crush the Colts 38-8 on Sunday, one word springs to mind: Consistency. Imagine where this Rams team would be if it got consi… Read more »

Stalter’s Game Notebook: Rams-Titans

+ Since the final whistle, I’ve heard some say how the Rams should have won this game because the Titans were a below-.500 team coming into Week 9. Ir… Read more »

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