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Anthony Stalter

Anthony Stalter

The Rams Shouldn’t Rush to Sign Nick Foles to a Long-Term Deal

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Rams coach Jeff Fisher recently confirmed that the Rams were interested in signing quarterback Nick Foles to a long-term contract, which begs the question: Are Fisher and the Rams being proactive or putting the cart before the horse? Three years ago, Joe Flacco decided to bet on himself rather than signing a long-term extension with the Ravens in the 2012 offseason. ...

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The Rams Aren’t the Only NFC West Team With O-Line Issues

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The biggest question mark facing the Rams heading into 2015 is the team’s offensive line. Not necessarily a problem, just an uncertainty for now. The Rams could start up to two rookies along the O-line this season, with Rob Havenstein as the overwhelming favorite to start at right tackle, while Jamon Brown could slide in beside him at right guard. The team is ...

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The 49ers’ Turmoil Could Open the Rams’ Path to the NFC West

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Is that the sound of a door opening? With drastic changes on every front for the San Francisco 49ers, the path to the NFC West crown is looking just a bit easier to travel. Of course, the Rams have had their changes, replacing three starters along the offensive line, trading their one-time starting quarterback, and selecting a running back coming off an ...

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Finding a Use for Tavon Austin in the Rams’ Run-First Offense

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Two years ago, the Rams were in the midst of changing their offense in efforts to play to quarterback Sam Bradford’s strengths. They ostensibly tried to recreate Bradford’s Oklahoma offense by spreading things out and using newly-acquired toys Tavon Austin and Jared Cook to create mismatches in the passing game. That didn’t go well. Coach Jeff Fisher ditched the experiment just over ...

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It’s Too Early to Call the Shelby Miller Trade a Bad One

Shelby Miller Featured

So, that Shelby Miller trade…was that a bad idea? Many Cardinal fans likely had that question upon seeing highlights of Miller’s near no-hitter Sunday versus the Marlins. Given the season-ending injury to Adam Wainwright, it might seem nice to hit the re-set button on the deal that sent Miller to Atlanta and brought Jason Heyward to St. Louis. But to suggest that ...

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It’s Possible for Tom Brady to be Both a Great Player and a Cheater

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The outrage over the DeflateGate punishment has been comical. We’re talking more comical than sports fans arguing for months over the impact of air pressure in footballs. Tom Brady is among the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. Bill Belichick has one of the brightest football minds the game has ever seen. Both men will also go to great lengths to give ...

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Even After the Draft, the Rams’ O-Line Needs Work

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Take a glance at the Rams’ roster and you’ll think two different people put together the offense and defense. The majority of the team’s core is on the defensive side, as are the Pro Bowl appearances and the quality of depth at nearly every position. It’s no surprise that the defense will lead the Rams once again in 2015. That said, the offense ...

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Let’s Review Five Scenarios for the Rams’ First Round Draft Pick

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So, what’s the plan for draft pick No. 10? In trying to narrow down which prospects will be available for the Rams at that spot Thursday night, it helps to map out a few scenarios that could play out come draft time. Marcus Mariota falls Then the Rams probably take him and he instantly becomes the new face of the franchise. In ...

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