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Weighing the Importance of the Point After Attempt

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I’m on the fence about the NFL potentially making changes to the time-honored point after attempt. If the Competition Committee gets its way, the PAT is going the way of the dodo, meaning professional football could change sometime this May if someone comes up with a viable plan. To most people, it’s a meaningless play with a predictable outcome in an otherwise unpredictable sport. ...

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Proposal to Restrict Chop Block in NFL is Reason to Celebrate


NFL player safety advocates have cause for celebration. The Competition Committee’s recent plea to the owners to approve a rule to further restrict chop blocks is a much needed move towards protecting players. The new rule would make it illegal for a running back to chop a defender below the waist when engaged with another blocker outside the tackle box. ...

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Time for Robinson to Shine Against Pierre-Paul

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The honeymoon period officially ends this Sunday for Rams rookie left tackle Greg Robinson. I’m eager to see what the big guy can do against the Giants’ most disruptive defensive player, right defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul. JPP has been a wrecking machine the last three weeks, tallying six sacks, including a career-high 2.5 against the hapless Washington Redskins in Week 15. ...

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Rams’ Defense Offered Gift in Banged-Up Colt McCoy

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Even before game time arrives, the Rams have already received a gift from the Redskins’ offensive line. That gift? A banged-up quarterback in Colt McCoy. There’s zero chance the ‘Skins QB du jour has already recovered, physically, from the beating Indianapolis put on him last weekend. The Colts racked up a season-high six sacks, and Washington consequently equaled its season high for sacks allowed ...

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