College Hockey Has It All: A Running Diary from the Midwest Regional

There are plenty of stories in the world of sports, but this is the one I’ve always wanted to tell. College hockey is a diamond in the rough, an overl… Read more »

Sizing Up the Sweet 16

OK, I think I’m ready to write this column. Had I decided to compose this piece anytime between Thursday afternoon and Sunday evening, it would have i… Read more »

Mitch’s Guide to March Madness – Or Something Like That

Every sport needs a calling card. Pro football has its Super Bowl, the NHL has the most beautiful trophy ever produced, and lawn darts combines outdoo… Read more »

The NFL Draft: Quarterbacks Always Hold the Key

We do this same routine every year. Once the Super Bowl has been played, football fans need something, anything, to pass the time (read a book? That’s… Read more »

Blues Snag Miller, But Is It Enough?

I was at a Happy Hour on Friday evening when the deal went down. In the midst of beer specials and an appetizer frenzy, somebody checked Twitter short… Read more »

No Finish for Team USA Hockey

The 2014 Olympics are in the books, with every visiting athlete and reporter hightailing it out of Sochi faster than Butch and Sundance. It was a dece… Read more »

NBA Midseason Progress Report: Why We Love (and Hate) This Game

Amid all the Olympic hockey hoopla (which has me somewhere between “walking on sunshine” and “Mom made pizza rolls”), Americans still have one sport i… Read more »

Searching for Gold in Sochi

The time for international competition is here. Nothing belongs in the same breath as the Olympic Games, where athletes all over the world get one opp… Read more »

Ball-Hawks Rule the NFL

Super Bowl XLVIII was the most anticipated matchup in quite some time, pitting strength vs. strength. Denver’s offense, Seattle’s defense – this would… Read more »

Seahawks and Broncos Clash in Super Bowl XLVIII

How’s this for a finale? The best from the AFC vs. the best from the NFC. The top defense in football today will try to stop an offensive juggernaut t… Read more »

NHL Roundabout: My Midseason Blues MVP and Other Observations

Are you familiar with the legendary tale of the tortoise and the hare? I’ll spare you the first-grade flashback, but just know that the NHL season sha… Read more »

Rivals Meet Again in NFL Conference Championships

Let’s recap. Two weeks ago I tried to pick the BCS games in the same way that Farrah Abraham “tried” to be a responsible mother. I gave it another sho… Read more »

NFL Divisional Round: The Old QB Guard Meets the New School

As the calendar resets, America’s most popular sport journeys toward its summit. I thought of that last line while being voluntary trapped in my apart… Read more »

BCS Breakdown: Goodbye, Old Friend

“We’re leaving together, But still it’s farewell And maybe we’ll come back, To earth, who can tell? I guess there is no one to blame We’re leaving gro… Read more »

Navigating Through Bowl Season

Merry Christmas, and (if you’re an ‘N Sync fan) happy holidays from my family to yours. There’s no better time of the year, as school and work vacatio… Read more »

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