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Sizing Up the Sweet 16

OK, I think I’m ready to write this column. Had I decided to compose this piece anytime between Thursday afternoon and Sunday evening, it would have included more inaudible screams and exclamation points than the APA formatting guide typically allows. I mean, how can you explain the first two rounds of March Madness? There were improbable upsets, ridiculous comebacks and ...

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Mitch’s Guide to March Madness – Or Something Like That

Every sport needs a calling card. Pro football has its Super Bowl, the NHL has the most beautiful trophy ever produced, and lawn darts combines outdoor leisure with dangerously sharp throwing devices. You would be hard pressed to find anything comparable to the spectacle that college basketball has created. Sixty-eight teams. Single elimination. Pencils, papers, crowded bars, excited supporters, and ...

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Blues Snag Miller, But Is It Enough?

I was at a Happy Hour on Friday evening when the deal went down. In the midst of beer specials and an appetizer frenzy, somebody checked Twitter shortly after 5:30 pm, and saw Jeremy Rutherford’s status update (his coverage of the deal was reporting at its finest). And that’s when it hit. No more rumors: Ryan Miller was coming to ...

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No Finish for Team USA Hockey

The 2014 Olympics are in the books, with every visiting athlete and reporter hightailing it out of Sochi faster than Butch and Sundance. It was a decent showing for the Americans (unless you manufacture speed-skating uniforms), who took home 28 total medals. Yet decent is not the expectation for such an athletic powerhouse, nor was their fourth-place finish in gold ...

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Searching for Gold in Sochi

The time for international competition is here. Nothing belongs in the same breath as the Olympic Games, where athletes all over the world get one opportunity every four years to showcase their abilities. The Olympics are rarer than a moment of gratitude from Shia LaBeouf, and are a throwback to a different time. Before million-dollar contracts and individual accolades dominated ...

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Ball-Hawks Rule the NFL

Super Bowl XLVIII was the most anticipated matchup in quite some time, pitting strength vs. strength. Denver’s offense, Seattle’s defense – this would be a real-life version of (1974’s) “The Longest Yard”! Well, the game we got was “Leatherheads.” The Seahawks destroyed the Broncos, 43-8, and it never even felt that close. From the first offensive snap, it was apparent ...

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