Rams Hold All the Cards at No. 2

More than two years later, the Robert Griffin III trade is still paying dividends for the St. Louis Rams. And on May 8, the entire country will find o… Read more »

Rams Add Big-Play Potential in Britt

On Monday, the St. Louis Rams continued their recent surge in free-agent activity by netting a potential big-play threat at wide receiver: Kenny Britt… Read more »

Rams Shore Up Secondary

The Rams’ newest addition to the secondary, Greg Reid, stands 5-foot-8 and weighs in at only 190 pounds. Despite his small frame, though, the one-time… Read more »

Rams Not Active on First Day of Free Agency

As suspected, the St. Louis Rams sat idle in the opening minutes and hours of Day 1 of the NFL free-agency period. Fans should not pull out their fing… Read more »

NFC Team Needs for 2014

The dust has settled on the Seattle Seahawks’ wildly successful Super Bowl parade. The NFL scouting combine is over. Coaches and scouts are criss-cros… Read more »

AFC Team Needs for 2014

My time spent in the front office of two NFL franchises gave me the knowledge and insight on how to build a team and maintain its structure. Having an… Read more »

Softli’s 2014 Mock Draft

This version of a mock draft is called “Sit and Pick,” which is based on a combination of NFL club needs and roster analysis. For teams to just sit an… Read more »

Season’s Swan Song Comes in Seattle

While the St. Louis Rams and Seattle Seahawks will collide to conclude the 2013 NFL regular season, both of these teams are headed in very different d… Read more »

Rams, Buccaneers Much Improved Since Start of Season

Today in St. Louis, the Rams host the Tampa Buccaneers. Two talented teams with adequate records are fighting to finish the season with the arrow poin… Read more »

Saints Come Marching Into St. Louis

The Rams face another challenge Sunday against the playoff-bound New Orleans Saints, led by all-world quarterback Drew Brees. When I break down the Sa… Read more »

Rams Must Win Fourth Quarter

The Rams, as well all other NFL clubs, are now entering the fourth and final quarter of the 16-week schedule. While several teams still have their eye… Read more »

Back-to-Back Divisional Road Games Won’t Be Easy

With Sunday’s 23-13 loss to the San Francisco 49ers, the Rams’ record dropped to 5-7. Up next: a trip to the desert to take on a much-improved Arizona… Read more »

Young Rams Still Focused on Goals

During the bye week, every NFL staff completes a self-scout of all contests prior to the break, breaking down any and all tendencies in the game’s thr… Read more »

What You Do in November Is What People Remember

Now that the NFL has surpassed the halfway mark of the 2013 season, all 32 teams continue to stay focused on winning as many games as possible right d… Read more »

Fisher, Foursome to Lock Horns with Former Titans Comrades

In a lot of situations in professional sports when a coach, front-office executive or player moves onto another team, the first time they face that ol… Read more »

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