Michelle’s Super Week Blog Day 2


{We had to start our day with beignets &café au lait from Café du Monde, a NOLA staple.}


{The local sports station, WWL, has the most ridiculous set up here. They are broadcasting on top of a huge float at the head of the convention center.}


{We found the only person in The Big Easy who could compete with Tony Softli in the facial hair department, Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive End Brett Keisel}


{Last night I met my sports hero, Dan Marino. Growing up, his jersey was a constant staple in my wardrobe and he is my dad’s all time favorite player. Since it is his birthday on Saturday, I pushed down my internal freak out session and snagged a pic. Big thanks to Billy Devaney for making the intro.}


{Here’s a quick glimpse inside last night’s media party, which was outstanding. It took place in a huge warehouse space, and outside area with more than 40 local restaurants providing cuisine samples. I would have taken more photos but I spotted Dan Akroyd combing his hair back, Blues Brother style, which was very distracting.}