Small Talk: Bracketology Edition

Here are 10 quick comments as we get underway with the best 48 hours on the sports calendar.

10. Someone once told me, “There are two things Tigers hate. Cinnamon and road games.” I’m a Frank Haith fan, and I was sad to see Mizzou bow out early.

9. The CBS “Boss Button” on brackets is genius. If you are a member of upper management, why even pretend that your co-workers are being productive? Certain things are meant to be overlooked, right?

8. Incredible showing by SLU yesterday. Regardless of storylines, I want this team to succeed. The Billikens have poise, and they execute like a boss. #GOBills

7. Isn’t it great when you abandon your bracket and cheer for a team to which you have no allegiance, only because it is an underdog? Enter Harvard.

6. I don’t care what anyone says. Sir Charles is great on the Tournament studio show.

5. When it comes to my beloved Fighting Illini, I have unwavering, blind faith. If they shoot the three well, watch out. They are dangerous and can hang with any team in this field. If they don’t … well, let’s not even put that thought out into the world.

4. One of my favorite aspects of March Madness is hearing fans’ superstitious pregame rituals. My personal routine includes orange and blue striped socks, plus a big glass of orange juice in the morning. I missed it twice in 2005. You do the math.

3. Forget good players. I don’t bet against good coaches.

2. Political preferences aside, I love that POTUS fills out a bracket. Additional props for ripping Notre Dame’s heinous attempt at being the Oregon of NCAA basketball. To quote President Obama, “That neon glow thing wasn’t working for me.”

1. When it comes to brackets, everyone thinks they are a miniature Buddah, but really no one knows anything. Brackets are the ultimate gamble. Go with your gut, and enjoy the Madness.

*Bonus: I can’t be the only person who is boiling over the Muse March Madness commercials, right? Enough already. No one is fired up.