Ten Questions for Rams Rookie Tre Mason

As Rams third round draft pick Tre Mason gets accustomed to St. Louis, we thought it’d be nice to get to know the off-the-field side of the SEC offensive player of the year.

Rams running back/Tea Cup Yorkie owner Tre Mason
Rams running back Tre Mason

Sure, you’re aware that Mason ran all over Mizzou in the 2013 SEC Championship Game. Sure, you know the Auburn standout was a 2013 Heisman Trophy finalist. You’re no doubt mindful that Tre intends to give opposing defenses headaches.

But, and this is important, did you know the running back owns a lap dog? Any issue with that? He’s also terrible at keeping his refrigerator stocked. Such is the life of a rookie that likely calls his first home Rams Park.

101ESPN grabbed the Rams’ newest ground threat to ask him ten completely random (and perhaps nonsensical) questions with the goal of getting to better know Tre Mason. We feel acquainted on a completely different level, now. This was nice.

101: Do you have any pets?

Mason: I have a Tea Cup Yorkie named Bella. Well, its my mom’s dog.

101: Who was your favorite coach?

Mason: Coach Malzahn (Auburn Head Football Coach). He recruited me right out of high school and he taught me how to be a better man and basically taught me a lot about the learning process of football.

101: What is you favorite thing to do in St. Louis?

Mason: I checked out Ballpark Village. I’m new and don’t know a lot of places, but it was pretty fun.

101: You live in St. Louis now, so do you call it “Panera”, or do you say it the right way, “St. Louis Bread Co”?

Mason: No not at all, its Panera Bread and its going to stay Panera Bread. Its wrong for St. Louis to do that.

101: What’s something no one knows about you?

Mason: I’m funny. Actually I don’t really know, I think I am.

101: If I looked in your refrigerator right now, what would I find?

Mason: Probably, like, one bottle of water because I seem to not be able to fill it up because I just don’t take the time to do that.

101: What’s your favorite food?

Mason: Filet Mignon

101: What’s going through your headphones to pump you up before a game?

Mason: I have a playlist so there’s a lot, but I would say Dreams and Nightmares by Meek Mill.

101: Who was your favorite player growing up?

Mason: Ever, Barry Sanders, but growing up, Michael Vick.

101: If there were a Hollywood movie produced about your life, whom would you want to play the role as Tre Mason?

Mason: Martin Lawrence

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  • David Muccigrosso

    Does he even know that it was originally always St. Louis Bread Co., and that Panera just hijacked the brand from us?

    • Justin

      Actually it wasn’t hijacked by anyone. They are the same company. Presumably picked up Panera for easier marketing nationwide outside of the STL area.

      • David Muccigrosso

        That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

        Panera was a large national company with completely different branding until it acquired SLBC in the mid 90s. The acquisition was motivated by Panera’s falling revenues and market share, which they sought to bolster by rebranding. Despite their flagging financial status, Panera was still much larger than SLBC, previously a regional chain, and thus had the capital to acquire the smaller firm.

        After the acquisition, Panera adopted all of the SLBC branding materials – logos, color scheme, etc. – and just changed the name. SLBC was allowed to retain its regional name. So yes, Panera hijacked the brand, because what they had sucked, and what SLBC had was working. And SLBC never got the credit for an idea which was originally theirs.

        • Justin

          Congrats you read the Wikipedia page. Hijacking a name and acquiring a company are completely different things.Your original comment stating it was always SLBC and Panera hijacked the brand is the same as saying AT&T hijacked Cingular’s brand when they acquired it by incorporating the color orange into their logos etc.

          Long story short, Panera has always been Panera and SLBC has always been SLBC. Any acquisition by the parent company just brought their images closer in line with eachother. No hijacking whatsoever unless you consider when you purchase an item from the store, you ‘hijacked’ it.