12 Questions for Lamarcus Joyner

As the St. Louis Rams signed all 11 of their draft picks, we thought learning more about the second round draft pick, Lamarcus Joyner, as more than just a 2014 BCS Champion was a task worthy of pursuit.

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Lamarcus Joyner

Joyner grew up in the projects of South Miami and survived a childhood rougher than any defensive line. Battling with his parents’ abusive relationship and seeing his brothers in and out of jail, Joyner considers athletics as an escape from the more dangerous lifestyle that surrounded him.

The consensus All-American learned to channel his anger into football, with hopes that his story and success can inspire other kids from the projects. Joyner’s 3-year-old son, Jamarcus, now gets to see his Dad not only excel in the NFL, but also graduate with a degree in sociology. As tough as this rookie is on the exterior, he is terrified of fish. Of course. Also, his dream party would have a cartoon character theme.

We grabbed Joyner after an OTA session to talk to him on a personal level, and it’s apparent this man has a chip on his shoulder and a great head up top. His story and success proves that no dream is impossible. Still afraid of fish, though.


101: During your career at Florida State, what was your favorite game played?

Joyner: Definitely my senior year against Clemson. They were ranked No. 3, we were ranked No. 7 I think at that time and we were the underdogs and they were pretty much beating us at home since 2001, so it was a while before Florida State had won that game. So it was good to go out big like that and to also have personal success.

101: When you got that call on Draft Day, what was your reaction then and the rest of that day?

Joyner: I teared up a little bit, because its like I never got a phone call that was that important. To be waiting around two days for it and I finally got it, my heart stopped for a little bit. That’s the call that you are expecting all your life, that’s what you do what you do. So many people out there wish to have this opportunity, so yeah I admit it, I teared up.

101: Now that you’re getting a real pay check, how are you going to splurge? Where’s the money going?

Joyner: The bank…im putting that straight in the bank to hold on to that real good.

101: What has been your favorite thing about St. Louis?

Joyner: I haven’t been too much but I’ve been to the dine in movie theatre. I mean that’s pretty nice we don’t have anything like that in South Florida that I know of.

101: Any hobbies besides football?

Joyner: I love going to FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) camps and talking to young Christians and guys who play sports, like myself, and just give my testimony about what I’ve been through in life and let them know that if you believe in Christ anything can be achieved.

101: If you had nothing to do all day, no work, no football, no nothing, what would you spend the day doing?

Joyner: Probably playing with my son. I have a 3-year-old son and I love hanging around with him. He’s a cool guy.

101: If you could throw any party, what would your theme be?

Joyner: That’s crazy! I’m not good at throwing parties because I don’t really go to parties personally; football is my focus. I would probably pick the theme as Marvel Cartoons, like the Hulk, X-Men, the Wolverine and stuff like that.

101: What is an embarrassing fear of yours?

Joyner: I’m scared of fish. I do not like touching fish, they are just disgusting.

101: Who is your all time favorite football player?

Joyner: Ray Lewis, because I love the kind of passion he plays the game with. I think he plays the game for the right reason and he loves it. What you put into the game, is what you get out. To see everything he’s accomplished in his 15, actually 16 seasons, so I really appreciate players like that.

101: What’s going through your headphones to pump you up before a game?

Joyner: Well, I mean I have a ton; I don’t really have a favorite. I’m diverse; whatever gets me in the mood. But if I had to pick one I would say, Lets Go by Trick Daddy, Lil Jon & Twista

101: Describe yourself in a few words.

Joyner: Very Hungry. Been that way all my life, that’s why I’m here today. Always been hungry, never lost that hunger.

101: What is your favorite movie?

Joyner: The Dark Knight Rises. I watched that movie like 5 times.

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  • ricdram

    LJ is going to be a special player in the Rams secondary. I like his attitude & his priorities are set. That is refreshing from a player coming into the NFL . I think he will make an impact as our starting 5¢ back or FS. GO RAMS GO >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> !