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Video: Andy Cohen Gets In On the Kroenke Bashing

St. Louis native and Bravo mainstay Andy Cohen had a few choice words (and a NSFW gesture) for Rams owner Stan Kroenke on his Tuesday episode of Watch What Happens Live. Cohen ripped Kroenke for disparaging St. Louis in his proposal to leave the market.

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  • HornIt

    The city of St. Louis “gave Kroenky a $1.1 Billion stadium”?????


    Actually Andy, had the city of St. Louis agreed to the $700 million project proposal for the Edward Jones Dome that the Rams made a couple years ago, the Rams wouldn’t be going anywhere.

    You might want to get yourself just a tad informed before giving somebody the single fingered peace sign on air, Jackhole!

    • JV

      Lol look who it is, hall monitor hornit looking to correct the injustices of the forum world. The battle is lost, why don’t you go home already. No one was ever going to agree to the $700 million renovation. I’m from the area but that stadium was not attractive. You can stick lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig. That was never going to happen, Kroenke knew it and was banking on it not being approved. Inflation notwithstanding, 700 mil could build you a new stadium not that long ago, maybe not the kind he’s going to build in LA but why would you put that much into a renovation of a stadium that in any other league would still be considered relatively new. Get real professor.

      Set aside the inevitable hurdles, the fact that this city was willing to push forward and try and scrounge up money for a new stadium speaks how much they wanted to hold onto the team. StL never had never had a chance, no matter what they did. You can blame it on the lease and the unfortunate loophole, but Kroenke exploited it because he saw more dollar signs elsewhere. As much as you want to shift the blame toward Shaw and the loophole, it’s Kroenke who’s taking the team away because he sees greener pastures elsewhere. It’s the manner in which he made the push to relocate and the parting shots he took at the area that has fans here riled up, something you can’t seem to comprehend.

      This is the kind of welcome mat he’s receiving in LA –

      • HornIt

        You need to get back to class. You still have much to learn.

        So you’re saying St. Louis was never going to do what they promised they’d do to lure the Rams to St. Louis in the first place. Yeah, that’s why St. Louis is no longer a place the NFL wants to be.

        It wasn’t any “loophole”, it was THE reason the Rams moved there and it was the “sole remedy” for not doing exactly what you said they were never going to do, which is meet their obligation.

        Of course none of this changes the abject ignorance Andy Cohen displayed. And as for the kind of welcome mat Kroenke’s reeving in LA, try this:

        • JV

          I think it’s a good bet you’re pretty insufferable in real life.

          • HornIt

            I bet not half as insufferable as Andy Cohen.