D’Marco Farr Announces He’s Leaving 101ESPN

101ESPN’s D’Marco Farr is leaving the station. He will pursue an opportunity with the Los Angeles Rams’ broadcast team.

Farr made the announcement during Thursday’s edition of The Fast Lane. The former Rams tackle has been with 101ESPN since the station launched in 2009. A search for his replacement is underway.

D'Marco Farr signed as an undrafted free agent in 1994.
Farr had been with 101ESPN since its 2009 launch.

D’Marco’s Initial On-Air Comments:

“I guess we can start by just leveling with people that don’t know. I haven’t been in St. Louis for the better part of two months. The guys can tell you how it happened. We were at Ballpark Village on a Friday and on Monday I was in California.”

“Life at 45 is completely different than it was 30 years ago. Your responsibilities just get different as you get older…My wife and I, there’s been a lot of sickness in our family (who need taken care off) and it’s falling on us to do.”

“The guys from 101, John (Kijowski) and (Chris ‘Hoss’ Neupert) were kind enough to let me do the show from Los Angeles for the last two months…It’s just tough through this (audio) connection to keep The Fast Lane going. So to be fair and to be short-winded, I think this might be the last show with me on it.”

“Life has taken us here. It’s a horrible decision to make, but it’s something we have to do. So I hope that was living up to the hype that was going on over the last hour of a big announcement. It’s huge to me. I hope you guys feel the same way I do. This is really freaking tough and I’m trying to keep it together.”

“I’ve been teammates with Randy and (Mike) Ryder more than I was with Isaac Bruce. It doesn’t suck going to work every day so this was not an easy choice for me.”

On What His Future Holds:

“There’s going to be an announcement made about me staying on and doing Sundays and continuing to educate myself on professional football, being on the Rams broadcast team. I know that comes with a lot of emotion, but just let me throw this out there before you make your choice on how to feel about it…”

“Even if the Rams had remained the St. Louis Rams now and forever, I would still be (in Los Angeles). This is just where my life has taken me right now. So this had nothing to do with the other, but an opportunity came up. It happened.”

“I’m able to go from one thing to the next and do what we came out here to do which is take care of our family. That’s what the future holds.”

On Missing St. Louis:

“All three of my kids were born (in St. Louis). That’s never going to change. I wish I could move everybody I love out there, but that’s just not the case.”

“This is all I’ve done my entire life so being able to stay on Sunday and going to, watching, being around professional football…Continuing that is exciting.”

Audio of the announcement is below.

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  • Matthew Koch

    Any chance of Rammer coming back?

    • JDinSTL

      Good God, why?

  • Ann Renken Frank

    DMarco – I am so sad to hear that you are leaving. Now it is like the last momento of the Rams has left town. I understand you wanting to stay with the Rams organization much as Jack Snow did when the team came to St. Louis but it doesn’t mean we won’t miss you. Just remember the great folks of St Louis and the Metro East – Would someone in LA find your dog years after you lost it and return it to you? IF things don’t work out please come back. Love the memories.

  • Curtis Filer

    Good luck Dmarco and much love and prayers to your family

  • Donna Reeves

    D’Marco, 1st let me send my prayers to your ailing loved one. 2nd let me wish you & your family all the best in LA for a long, happy wonderful life. 3rd let me say how VERY lucky LA is to have you! Lastly, please allow me a moment to wollw in my misery of those in La La land getting yet another piece of my heart. I will miss you on 101ESPN daily. You are such a big part of the success of the Fast Lane. I’ve loved you since your days here with the Rams & that won’t change. My niece used to be a Rams cheerleader & I don’t love her less for wanting to go to La La land for alumni stuff & I won’t love you less either. Just please promise me 1 thing. PLEASE let those fans in La La land know we are not what thier owner & his cronies say we are. Please set the record straight, that we are fans, ust like them. God speed D’Marco.

  • ktoo

    I LOVE the Fast Lane and think, 80’s musical tastes notwithstanding; D’Marco Farr is an incredible talent. His future is as bright as he is. And in a world of selfish a-holes, he seems like a guy with a big heart, firmly set in the right place.
    D’Marco is a Cali guy. His career started, I believe, in LA. But this man became a St. Louisian through and through and I will hate to see him go.
    On the West Coast, cities like ours are un-affectionately known as Cow Towns. People LEAVE Cow Towns, much like our friend from the DEEP sticks, Flat Stanley. But D’Marco learned to make this Cow Town his own. He didn’t just live here, he WAS FROM here…big difference.
    The temptation might be to lump him into the whole Rams’ betrayal, but that would be wrong. I hope. I choose to take him at his word, and I think I’m probably correct to do so.
    He could’ve slithered back to LA along with the other mercenaries and never given this amazingly awesome Cow Town another thought. And very few would’ve thought worse of him. But he didn’t. He said a heartfelt farewell. He said he’d miss us. After all the humiliation the team’s move has given us, he did the right thing!

    MISTER Farr, my prayers go out to you and your family that the health issues that take you away from us are happily resolved. If not, I pray you receive God’s Grace and Comfort.
    Thank you for being a man about this. Frankly, the Rams don’t deserve you, but a gig’s a gig, and I hope this is a good one.
    Take care, Super Bowl Champion of the SAINT LOUIS RAMS…we’ll miss you!

    Ken Krueger
    South St. Louis, MO;
    Cow Town and Proud!

  • geoff

    I am not surprised that DeMarco is leaving. He is a Rams guy. Only a Rams employee who wanted to stay an employee could possibly have espoused the opinion that Jeff Fisher was doing a good job and that the Rams would be just fine behind his leadership. DeMarco seems like a nice enough guy, but if you listened to the show and take a moment to think about it…his main sports passions were NFL football, we haven’t had that in St Louis for quite a while, the NBA, which has no real appeal in this town whatsoever, and he is a huge fan of that spectacle where they take two alley fighters, lock them in a cage and see who comes out….it remands me of human cockfighting, pretty disgusting event. All of that said, I wish him and his family all of the best. I look at it this way, a man has to make a living.

  • Jared England

    D’Marco, I have enjoyed listening to you, Randy, and Brad. I found you to be a unique “outsider” to Randy and Brad’s homer attitude. Not that I mind the homer viewpoint as I’m a homer myself, I just enjoyed the “devil’s advocate” viewpoint. Plus, you are a funny and entertaining guy. I saw where someone said you had an infectious laugh; that is true. You will be missed!

    • JDinSTL

      When it comes to homers, Karraker has no peer.

  • Mike Cohen

    This announcement certainly explains a lot. Even in the wake of the relocation debacle and the Rams malicious conduct during the process, D’Marco never dogged the team or the organization. He needed the job with them for him and his family. Can’t bite the hand that feeds you, right? Good luck to him. Hope he enjoys working for one of the worst organizations in all of US pro sports.

  • Meru El Muad’Dib

    You will be missed!! Thanks for the years!!

  • AZPete

    Good bye DeMarco. I enjoyed your play with the Rams, your broadcasts of Rams games, and especially your participation on the Fast Lane. With your frequent absences lately from the Fast Lane, I suspected that a change in employment was coming. I’m sorry to see you go. Good wishes for the future..

  • Ed Ward

    Look, I see Farr as a bright, talented guy and enjoyed every minute I heard him on the air (even in today’s ‘dumbed-down’ world of sports whereby intellectual analysis has been replaced by the “Fast Lane” stupidity of “if I had to die would I prefer it by sledgehammer or piano dropped from above on my head”…But I digress. That said, D’Marco do not insult our intelligence by your move to LA is ‘coincidental’ to the Lambs relocation…To reiterate, it’s not only disingenuous but insulting to a City that made you who you are Sir. Good luck to both You & Family.

  • Larry Moran

    Love you D-Farr!!!! And have been listening to you out here in L.A. during the pre-season. I am thrilled you are out here!!! Life sometimes throws us those curves, but you are a man of character and you have made the right decision. God Bless and #familyfirst