Your Friday Football Fix and Picks: There’s a Ton on the Line for the Lions and Packers

Once again, I’m gonna jump right into the picks this week…with comments on the games that grab my attention. This week is obviously a bit of a crapshoot with so many playoff teams having nothing on the line. There will be a bit of coin flipping this week. LOL.

Aaron Rodgers has thrown for 4,128 yards and 36 touchdowns through 15 games in 2016.

Keep in mind that there are a lot of late afternoon games whose meaning can change based on the early games. All of the playoff scenarios are laid out here at so if you’re into anything more than “entertainment purposes only” then obviously you should wait to see how those early games play out.

Baltimore @ Cincinnati (pick)

(Both teams have been eliminated so good luck figuring out which one is more likely to show up strong. I’m simply going with the team that has been better all season long.)

Houston @ Tennessee (-3)

(Houston is locked into the 4th spot in the AFC but they still have a lot of things to work on before next week’s Wild Card round. I expect them to be close to full force, especially on offense as Tom Savage works to get more reps. Titans without Mariota should cause problems.)

Carolina @ Tampa Bay (-4.5)

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis (-4.5)

New England (-9.5) @ Miami

(This game matters for seeding purposes for both teams. The Patriots need to win to lock up home field advantage – if they lose and Oakland wins later the Pats would be #2 seed. Dolphins could still take the #5 seed from KC, if the Chiefs lose, so there is meaning for them too. One team has their HOF QB, the other doesn’t have their starter. I’ll go with HOF QB.)

Chicago @ Minnesota (-6.5)

Buffalo (-3.5) @ NY Jets

(No Tyrod Taylor, no Jets offense. That equals an ugly, ugly game. I have no idea who wins I’m just betting it’ll be within 3 points.)

Dallas @ Philadelphia (-5)

(I’d be surprised if Dallas played their regulars as much as they’ve been saying. I could see Tony Romo playing well, depending on how much he plays, but Philly has played well at home (5-2) and I fully expect to see most of the Cowboys backups in the game.)

Cleveland @ Pittsburgh (-5.5)

(Pittsburgh is expected to rest their most important plays. And I’m still picking them. Yes, I like their backups more than Cleveland’s starters.)

New Orleans @ Atlanta (-7)

(This game matters for the Falcons. A lot. They come in as the #2 seed, holding a bye, but if they lose they could be passed up by Seattle, Green Bay or Detroit depending on how their games go. Obviously those games are either at the same time or later than the Falcons game so they have to play this one for real.)

NY Giants @ Washington (-7.5)

(Nothing on the line for the Giants, season on the line for the Redskins. If Washington wins they’re in unless GB and DET tie later on. Still, I think the Giants defense will show up. Washington wins by a TD or less, IMO.)

Arizona (-6.5) @ Los Angeles

Oakland @ Denver (-1.5)

(Huge game for Oakland with a bye on the line…possibly even the #1 seed if New England loses to Miami…but I’m not picking Matt McGloin against the Denver defense. Broncos don’t have anything to play for except to be spoiler for a rival but I expect them to play angry after missing out on the playoffs.)

Kansas City (-5) @ San Diego

(This is a big one for KC. If they win and Oakland loses the Chiefs win the division and get a first round bye. With the Oakland game at the same time they’re not going to be fooling around with resting people, I’m sure they’ll play for the week off.)

Seattle (-9.5) @ San Francisco

(Seattle could still be the #2 seed in the NFC so they’ll come out firing on all cylinders. They need at Atlanta to lose for that to happen but with both games happening at the same time the Seahawks will play their game and hope to get a bye.)

Green Bay (-3.5) @ Detroit

(This one is going to matter regardless of what happens earlier in the day. If Washington loses then both teams will be in but they’ll be playing for the division title and therefore a first round home game. If Seattle and Atlanta lose the Lions could still end up the #2 seed with a win. Also, if the fluke happens and these two teams tie then they’re both in the playoffs with GB as the division winner. So there’s a ton on the line no matter what happens earlier. Green Bay is on fire, the Lions are not. Packers by a TD.)

Last Week: 7-9

Season Total: 141-108-1

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