Daily Bernie: Jan. 9 – Stastny’s Solid Saturday; Is Alabama’s Domination Hurting College Football?

College football’s National Championship is at center of the sports world today, and we could be in for a classic repeat matchup between Alabama and Clemson.

Stastny logged 2 goals and an assist in Saturday’s 4-3 win over Dallas.

Bernie hits the game from all angles today and welcomes Charles Davis and Dan Wolken, who joins to discuss whether the Crimson Tide’s constant success is hurting the college game as a whole.

Executive producer Travis Green also gives his three Blues takeaways from the weekend, including a big night for Paul Stastny and hopefully a second consecutive win Tuesday?

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NCAA National Championship: Are the coaches’ legacies at play?

A win over Clemson would give Alabama and Nick Saban their fifth title in eight years. It would also put Saban up there with Bear Bryant as one of history’s greatest college coaches.

That being said, Clemson’s Dabo Swinney is also one of the sport’s best head coaches. The Tigers are 5-1 in postseason games under Swinney, with the loan loss being at Bama’s hands in last year’s title game.

Steelers prove they’re contenders, but should they be worried about Big Ben?

These Steelers are completely different than the 4-5 team they once were this season. They proved as much by trouncing the Dolphins 30-12.

Pittsburgh’s not unscathed though, as Ben Roethlisberger wore a boot to the postgame presser. He’s known for his toughness, but this will be a concern as they head to Kansas City Sunday.

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Three Blues takeaways following Saturday’s win over Dallas

Bernie and executive producer Travis Green give their takeaways from the 4-3 home win over Dallas. Travis would like to see more games like Saturday’s from Paul Stastny.

Interview w/ NFL Network college football and draft analyst – Charles Davis

Davis talks tonight’s National Championship, Nick Saban going with Steve Sarkasian, and the past weekend’s NFL slate.

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What the Crimson Tide must do to repeat as national champions

Stopping Clemson QB DeShaun Watson would be a good start, or at least slowing him down. Bernie gives other requirements for a Bama victory this segment.

A giant Giants mess after Sunday’s bad loss to the Packers

Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. allegedly punched a hole in the wall following his team’s 38-13 loss at Green Bay. He had reason to be upset, as his four catches for 28 yards was his career’s second-worst game.

Add this to he and his fellow Giants receivers being photographed on a boat last with Justin Bieber and Johnny Manziel last week, and you have a giant mess.

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Interview w/ USA Today college football writer – Dan Wolken

Wolken joins to discuss, what else?, tonight’s National Championship. He also wonders if Bama’s constant success could be hurting college football.

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What Clemson must do to unseat the Tide as national champs

Protect the ball! It would also be advantageous to keep the Crimson Tide defense on the field. Bernie runs down what the Tigers have to do to have a chance.

Who will win the National Championship and why

If you read Bernie’s Monday column, you know who he’s backing tonight in the big one. He uses this segment to tell you how he came to that tough decision.

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