Bengie Molina Says It ‘Kills His Heart’ the Cardinals Haven’t Extended Yadi’s Contract

It’s probably the most many have ever heard Bengie Molina speak, but speak he did, and quite vehemently while discussing Yadier’s Cardinal contract situation with MLB Network Radio.

The elder Molina calls out the Cardinals in his remarks, saying his brother Yadi has no fear in leaving the club should they not offer the legendary catcher a new contract. It really escalates quite quickly just as any protective big bro’s words would.

“That’s where he grew up. He always keep telling me, ‘I want to retire a Cardinal’,” Bengie said “But, just remember this, Yadier Molina is not Bengie Molina. Yadier Molina is not Jose Molina. You will find out he doesn’t take crap from anybody. And if he has to leave, he ain’t afraid, man.”

The rest of Bengie’s rant reads:

“He said, ‘Hey listen, I battled my butt off for you guys all these years. I play day games after night games. I did all I could to win. I’m playing. I don’t do anything else than play for the Cardinals. I lift for you guys. Now it’s time for your guys to show up. It’s time for you to show me’.

“’But if you don’t show me, I’m not afraid. I’ll go free agent and get my money somewhere else’…Yadi’s a different cat, man. He’s not like me, you know? I’ll be touching my heart and saying I have to stay here because I love it. No, man. No, no, no. He understands the business. You don’t want me? You want that kid over…Go ahead. Have him. I’ll get my money [as a] free agent.

“But he still wants to be a Cardinal. That’s the thing. It’s really a shame. It’s really sad that the Cardinals haven’t got anything done with him and they’re ‘thinking’. It kills my heart. They’re ‘thinking’ about it. They haven’t even got to a point where they’re close. They’re ‘thinking’ about doing an extension. Come on, man.

“It’s Yadi Molina. Your guy who’s been in the minor leagues and sweated in your jersey so many times and you’re ‘thinking’ about three years, low pay? Come on, man. Seriously?”

Not exactly diplomatic, but like we said, he’s sticking up for his younger brother. Bernie Miklasz played the above cut on his Friday show and agreed with Bengie’s assessment of Yadier’s drive and catching skills. What he didn’t find fair was the elder Molina’s seeming indifference to Yadi’s advancing age.

“It doesn’t work that way. You’ve got a catcher who’s going to be 35-years-old. He’s one of the great catcher’s ever. He is a franchise icon, legend,” Bernie said. “But suppose the season starts to unfold and Yadi’s really slipping…I don’t think that’s going to happen, but suppose that’s the case.

“I don’t think you just fly blind into a contract with an aging player, even a great aging player. I think you probably use the time you have available. People say, ‘Well, that will alienate Yadier Molina’. Well, I would think if he wants to remain a Cardinal he would let this play out a little bit and still be willing to sign a deal. It’s a little too soon to kind of declare war by Bengie Molina on the contract front.”

Bernie also makes the apt point that money isn’t a big factor to the Cardinals when speaking of Yadier Molina.

“[Bengie] mentioned money. I don’t think this is [about] money. I think this is playing time. I think it’s his role. The Cardinals will pay him the money to stay.”

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