Daily Bernie: Mar 20 – Waino Has a Rough Weekend; Putting the Blues’ Season in Perspective

Adam Wainwright had a hard time Saturday and that’s an understatement. 10 runs on seven hits and two wild pitches in 1.2 innings isn’t great. But how much do we read into this?

Wainwright gave up 10 runs through 1.2 innings Saturday.

It’s a good question and one Bernie tackles on Monday’s program, while also welcoming Jen Langosch and Doug Glanville to talk baseball just under two weeks from Opening Day.

And speaking of not knowing what to think, what about his St. Louis Blues season?

Your host and Travis Green attempt to put the wild ride into perspective and also welcome FS1 college basketball analyst Jordan Cornette to discuss the weekend’s NCAA slate.

7 a.m. Hour

Sweet 16 is set…Were the ACC a bunch of frauds?

Bernie sorts through a crazy NCAA Tournament weekend which saw all remaining ACC squads meet their demise aside from North Carolina. Just how overrated was the ACC this year?

Adams working in left field just two weeks to Opening Day

Mike Matheny recently revealed he wants Matt Adams to some left field reps…Ok, but why the heck did you wait this long?

It’s an intriguing move, but you want to move a guy who’s only played first base for you to left field in March’s third week? Why now, skipper?

Illini get their coach in Underwood. Is it a good hire?

Illinois athletic director Josh Whitman got his guy, hiring Oklahoma State’s Brad Underwood after just his first season with OK State. So why’d he jump ship so quickly?

Money. Underwood will reportedly make over $3 million a year in Champaign. He has a 109-27 record in four Division I seasons. Good hire?

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8 a.m. Hour

Interview w/ Cardinals reporter and 101ESPN insider – Jen Langosch

Jen discusses the Cards’ decision to try Matt Adams in left field and examines Adam Wainwright’s spring training numbers.

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Putting the 2017 Blues in perspective

The Note are planted firmly in a playoff position with 11 regular season games to go, most of which are against losing teams. They are now 14-7 under Mike Yeo.

So how do you put their 38-28-5 record in perspective? In general, the 2016-17 Blues are average, but is that so bad after what they lost last offseason?

Are Wichita State and Gregg Marshall’s wife sore losers?

The Shockers directed some trash talk at Kentucky before the two teams’ weekend matchup, directing much of it at UK big man Edrice Adebayo.

Adebayo took the high road after the Wildcats’ 65-62 win, but Gregg Marshall’s wife reportedly let some expletives fly at John Calipari and others during the game.

Waino gets rocked. Should fans temper their expectations?

Adam Wainwright’s Saturday line was quite unremarkable: 1.2 innings, 10 runs, four walks, no strikeouts and two wild pitches. It took Waino 71 pitches to record five outs.

The start skyrocketed his spring ERA to 10.97 while possibly skydiving some knee-jerk expectations. What should fans expect in 2017?

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9 a.m. Hour

Interview w/ ESPN baseball analyst and nine-year MLB player – Doug Glanville

Glanville talks any potential Cubs weaknesses, Dexter Fowler’s improving defense and what he thinks of the 2017 Cardinals.

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‘Ask Bernie’

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Interview w/ FS1 college hoops analyst and Notre Dame broadcaster – Jordan Cornette

Cornette talks the weekend’s tournament action and tells why he’s still going with Kansas despite his otherwise busted bracket.

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