Daily Bernie: Apr. 18 – Yadi’s Early Struggles Cause for Concern?; Wild Are in Blues’ Old Spot

Yadier Molina allowed two passed balls this past weekend in New York and was hit by at least two foul tips on his glove hand. He’d earned his day off Monday.

Molina was batting .229 through 35 at-bats as of Tuesday.

A sore hand may account for the weekend’s passed balls, but what about Yadi’s .229 average through 35 at-bats this season? Is there cause for concern in the season Molina eventually turns 35? Bernie wonders this on Tuesday’s program and talks plenty Blues hockey with NHL on NBC announcer John Forslund.

Rounding out Tuesday’s show is Isaac Bruce, who talks his Hall of Fame candidacy and his upcoming free St. Louis football clinic.

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John Mozeliak says everything is ‘on the table’

The Cardinals GM met with media before Monday’s game to discuss how to fix his club’s early-season malaise. Mo commented on potential roster changes, the shoddy defense and more.

Bernie replays Mozeliak’s comments this segment, in which the GM also touches on whether expectations were too high this season.

Wild are feeling the pressure as core players underwhelm (Sound familiar?)

Minnesota hasn’t had much postseason success outside knocking out the Blues in 2015’s first round. Chicago would dispatch them in the second round.

The Wild fanbase and media are tired of this storyline, similar to the one the Blues had lived for years. The Note now has the advantage of knowing they can’t take their foot off the gas.

Peralta, Carpenter and the Cards’ third base options going forward

Greg Garcia started at third Monday as Jhonny Peralta sat due to his rough start. Garcia has forced himself into the lineup whether it’s third base or elsewhere. Peralta just isn’t the same player.

John Mozeliak reiterated Monday he wants the best players in the lineup at any given time. Will Mike Matheny obilge?

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Interview w/ NHL on NBC play-by-play man – John Forslund

Forslund discusses Alex Pietrangelo’s first-round play and what the Wild need to do to find any success in the series.

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Is the Matt Adams-left field experiment over?

This experiment has been discusses repeatedly in St. Louis and for good reason. It’s also caught national attention with Buster Olney commenting on it on the Apr. 14 Bernie Show.

Keith Law has also made mention, even questioning whether Mike Matheny is the right manager for the Cards. So has Mozeliak put a stop to Adams experiment? Time will tell.

Interview w/ St. Louis Rams Super Bowl Champion – Isaac Bruce

Bruce talks his potential Hall of Fame candidacy and about his upcoming free St. Louis football kids clinic.

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9 a.m. Hour

Are Molina’s early struggles cause for concern?

Yadier Molina got a needed day off Monday after a rough weekend in New York. Yadi hasn’t been smothering baseballs like fans are accustomed to seeing.

Is this cause for concern after signing Molina to a three-year, $60 million deal?

The Cardinals are not doomed because of their early record

Bernie points out that while history isn’t on the Cards’ side after a 3-9 start, it also doesn’t have to matter. 2011’s Cardinals started rough as well.

This team won’t fail because history says they’ll fail…If they fail it will be due to playing bad baseball.

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