DAD’S WEEK: Watch and Listen to Some of Jack and Joe Buck’s Best Moments

Father-son broadcasting duos are fairly common, but St. Louis can claim to have produced arguably the best ever in Jack and Joe Buck.

Joe may have had Jack as his actual dad, but the Cardinal announcer’s fatherly voice was a constant in every young St. Louis baseball fan’s life from 1954 to 2001. He was the soundtrack to many summers and produced some of sports history’s most memorable calls.

He also produced another pretty decent broadcaster in son Joe, shown here remembering his dad:

And heard here channeling one of Jack’s classic calls during one of the most exciting moments in St. Louis sports history:

Our own Randy Karraker recalls his relationship with Jack in this Cardinals video honoring the late announcer:

And while Joe may have his detractors elsewhere, he’s still pretty beloved here in his hometown. Nonetheless, he’s okay with poking some fun at his not being liked in New York:

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