DAD’S WEEK CLIP: Dad-of-the-Year LaVar Ball Is Extremely Annoying, But He Probably Knows This

Whether you love them, hate them or are completely indifferent, one thing is certain: The Ball family has become the sports world’s Kardashians before Lonzo’s even set foot on an NBA floor.

At least that seems to be dad LaVar’s aim, and he certainly shares attributes with Kris Jenner, whom Magic Johnson recently compared him to…To wit:

Talked up his kids until people started paying attention? Check.

Manages his kids’ business interests? Check.

Annoying? Big check.

Say what you will about the guy, but he appears to be on to something with his antics, as Lonzo is arguably the NBA’s hottest topic before he’s even drafted.

Lonzo’s no doubt a skilled player, but dad’s claim that his son’s better than Stephen Curry and that LaVar himself could have beaten Michael Jordan back in the day have certainly highlighted the family brand, if not helping it.

His shouting match with Stephen A. Smith helped too:

Wow…We imagine a public debate between Fran Drescher and Gilbert Gottfried would sound similar.

LaVar’s smirk through all the yelling makes one think he’s in on the joke while also making one want to punch his face…Dad-of-the-Century certainly approved Lonzo’s Footlocker ad, in which Son-Number-One roasts LaVar pretty well:

Time will tell whether Lonzo Ball is the second coming of Jesus Shuttlesworth, but what is troubling is the public will likely have to go through the same dog and pony show when Lonzo’s younger brothers LiAngelo and LeMelo get to college. Heck, if all three are as good as LaVar claims, the Lakers will be sitting pretty for a while.

Fun thought: Would LaVar’s head explode if the Celtics picked his son at No. 1? Once again, time will tell.

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