VIDEO: Ryan Reaves Is a Blues Asset Who Doles Out Justice When He Needs to

The Blues have caught recent flack for protecting forward-enforcer Ryan Reaves from being taken in Wednesday’s NHL Expansion Draft, and while hockey fighters’ roles have diminished over the years, Reaver still brings something to the table many forwards lack…

And that’s opposing players’ fear for their personal safety. He may not log the most ice-time, but he’s improved on the skill side, logs plenty of hits and lowered his penalty minutes this past season. He’s also an a–beater deluxe:

The famous kiss to the Dallas Stars:

We mentioned Reaves logs plenty of hits, but these aren’t just hits a lot of the time. He puts the hurt on opposing guys while putting them on notice just by his presence. The Blues don’t have another player who can do so.

Reaver described his enforcer role to us back in 2015, stating:  “I think an enforcer in this sense, is someone that goes out there and can play the game, and if need be he handles the business that needs to be handled.”

We agree and believe Ryan Reaves has mastered his job’s description. Stay tuned to 101ESPN and for all your Blues offseason news and analysis.

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