WATCH: New Blues enforcer Chris Thorburn drops the mitts against Ryan Reaves in ’14

Blues fans grew very attached to Ryan Reaves during the fighting forward’s seven St. Louis seasons, but must now learn to throw their support behind Chris Thorburn in the ‘Reavo’ role.

Which might not be hard, as Note crowds are always apt to adopt hard-playing tough guys. Reaves was one of a long line of Blues fan-favorite enforcers cheered on through the seasons…Not just because he could jack his team and home crowd up by beating opposing players silly, but because he played hard and did his job well just like Reaves.

Which is why Thorburn should serve his team and new hometown crowd well. He won’t light the lamp much, but he protects his teammates and isn’t afraid to scrap, no matter the adversary. Case in point:

CompuBox numbers would probably have ruled in Reaves’ favor, but Thorburn got in his licks. Watching Thorburn’s fights, we can gleam he: A) Likes to grapple, B) Utilizes the right hook, and C) Looks like a fighting gypsy a la Brad Pitt’s character in Snatch.

He’s also had MMA training to improve both his fighting skills and overall game:

And can slip one past the mitten every once in a great while:

Thorburn, 34, logged 92 penalty minutes last season to go with three goals and an assist through 64 games. The Blues inked the forward to a one-year, $1.8 million deal. He has 127 points through his 12-year career on top of 103 fighting majors.

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