VIDEO: Happy Birthday, Yadier Molina…A Pitcher’s Best Friend and a Baserunner’s Worst Nightmare

Who was the last guy who positively affected every single game on every single pitch the way Yadier Molina has?

Yadi’s pitchers have boasted more than once over the years of the impact  he’s had on their games and opposing baserunners have cursed him out loud and in their heads plenty of times. As St. Louis sports fans, we just love the security of having one of the baseball’s smartest players calling our team’s games.

It’s nice knowing the position player involved in every pitch of most games is usually one step ahead of everyone else mentally and in his actions.

It’s also been nice knowing opposing baserunners, no matter how speedy they are, have thought twice before trying to steal a bag. Molina’s presence causes hesitation and second thoughts before a play’s even been made.

There have also been quite a few who thought in vain they had a good enough jump.

Molina turns 35 today, and while he’s slowed down through the years, he’s shown more than once this year what makes him a special player.

Not that you need to be told, but count yourselves lucky to have had Yadi around, Cardinal Nation. No matter what happens in the future, it’s been a pleasure to watch him work. Happy 35th birthday, Mr. Molina.

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