FLASHBACK WEEK: 2010s – Remembering the ‘Rally Squirrel’

The 2011 St. Louis Cardinals season will go down as one of baseball’s most miraculous for several reasons with the most obvious being their improbable run to a World Series title.

From David Freese’s Game 6 homer to an aging Chris Carpenter’s brilliant contributions, a storybook writer couldn’t have written it any better. St. Louisans still and will always talk about the ride and all involved, but one individual who sometimes gets left out is our old friend the Rally Squirrel.

Rally came into our lives during Game 3 of that season’s NLDS with the Phillies, but really made his presense known in Game 4; right in the middle of a Skip Schumaker at-bat against Roy Oswalt. Oswalt’s pitch had clearly left his hand before Rally’s mad dash in front of Schumaker, but this didn’t stop Oswalt from making a fuss over being interrupted:

Take it from someone who was there; Rally began his herky-jerky squirrel movements well to the left of Oswalt’s view and throwing path, but we all know how a squirrel’s motion can confuse and frighten human beings and their dogs.  He’d spent many a night watching the Cards that season and pounced when his moment arrived.

He seized the day just like every Redbird player had that particular season, and even if he’d been more blatant in his attempt to screw with the Phillies, what was Angel Hernandez going to do? Run him? Rally knew the stakes and he stepped up…And then promptly scurried away.

We haven’t heard from Rally since and couldn’t reach him for 101ESPN’s Flashback Week, but we will always remember him and what he risked that October night at Busch Stadium. We’re sure he’d heard about the dove Randy Johnson murdered years before and knew the same could happen to him.

So here on 2010s day for Flashback Week, we salute you, Mr. Rally Squirrel. Godspeed, our furry friend.

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