#RallyCat Fallout: City Mourns Missing Kitty; Grounds Crew Member Becomes a Celeb

It was by far the most adorable interruption to a pro sporting event in history.

#RallyCat ran into our lives from nowhere, bit and scratched a grounds crew worker and then undoubtedly caused Yadier Molina to hit a game-winning grand slam to put away the Royals and pull the Cardinals to within 1.5 games of the Cubs.

We can absolutely confirm everything except the last part.

But who cares? Yadi cracked a salami to pull ahead in a game which could’ve easily gotten away from the Cardinals and he happened to do so right after a kitty cat ran onto the field…In addition to being the most adorable, it was also one of the weirdest interruptions in sporting history.

Which means the Cardinals’ released statement regarding the little fur-ball Thursday had to be one of the strangest ever by a pro sports team. The team must have wanted to address the many animal loving Cards fans who were worried about the cat’s well being along with those concerned with whether grounds crew worker Lucas Hackmann has had a recent rabies shot.

Has one tiny kitten ever caused such hullabaloo?

Hackmann is reportedly okay, but #RallyCat’s whereabouts are regrettably unknown.

According to the Cards’ release, Hackmann “secured the stray cat in the outfield and exited the playing surface at the left field gate and walked up towards the main concourse at Gate 3. He then let the cat down outside of Gate 3 near the Stan Musial statue and went immediately to first aid to attend to his scratch and bite injuries.”

Hackmann drew the short straw of having to go retrieve #RallyCat by simply standing at the wrong place at the wrong time, being the crew member at the end of the dugout. “I asked if I should go get it and they said, ‘Yeah. Go get it,” Hackmann told The Fast Lane Thursday. Barnes Hospital medical personnel treated Hackmann later in the evening.

“They just gave me some antibiotics. They weren’t worried about rabies,” Hackmann added, also saying he’d likely pick a cat up by the scruff should this situation come up again.

But this is where Kitty’s future becomes a mystery, as after Hackmann dropped the feline a concerned woman reportedly told Busch Stadium ushers the cat was hers and left with it. Kitty then made a break for it from her in the City Gardens area and is currently on the loose.

The statement goes on: “We are hopeful someone will find the cat and contact us so we can properly care for it. Our grounds crew is working on developing a stray animal protocol to ensure the safety of both crew and animal should this happen again. In the meantime, the Cardinals are looking to scratch and claw their way back to the top of the division standings.”

We can only hope and pray for the young cat’s safety at this point, but it won’t be easy to miss if spotted given that the entire city and much of America now know what it looks like. #RallyCat is the epitome of “going viral,” as most local media outlets had tweeted the occurrence less than five minutes after it all went down. We were absolutely not above getting in on the fun:

Schnucks also obliged with baked goods:

St. Louis native Andy Cohen chimed in too:

And our own Brad Thompson apparently had the unlucky task of letting Fredbird know what happened:


Time will tell if we ever hear from #RallyCat again, but we hope he knows he’s loved.

Stay tuned to 101ESPN and for plenty of Cardinals coverage and analysis. Meow.

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