‘Rally Cat’ Is Saved…STL Feral Cat Outreach Finds Young Kitty; Cardinals Interested in Adopting

Thank golly.

Just two days after #RallyCat captured the hearts of a baseball fanbase and a nation, and then subsequently ran away, the young feline is now safe and in caring hands.

Katherine Powderly, vice president of the St. Louis Feral Cat Outreach, confirmed a recently found kitty was indeed #RallyCat, or ‘Rally,’ as the goof folks at STLFCO are calling him for now. (He is also indeed a male.) Powderly says a future fund raiser for naming rights could take place.

STLFCO caught kitty in the wee hours of Friday morning, using a humane trap containing sardines; apparently a favorite dish of Rally’s. As with any stray animal, it took some time for him to calm down in order to be identified, but Powderly said he’s relatively calm now and also that he’s around 12 weeks old.

“He’s still pretty scared, but he is well behaved,” Powderly said. “He’s still got sardines in and around his ears so he’s pretty smelly right now.”

Rally may not smell great right now, but Powderly confirmed a veterinarian has given the young cat a clean bill of health. So we can dispense with the rabies jokes.

“He doesn’t have any communicable diseases,” Powderly confirmed. “People have said there are lots of cats who hang out around where the players park, so people could have been feeding him over there and that’s how he could have found his way into the stadium.”

STLFCO will now hold Rally for a 10-day quarantine period and then transfer him to a local no-kill shelter, where it will then be determined who will adopt him. As one can imagine from the past couple days’ commotion, Kitty is a hot commodity.

“We’ve heard from a lot of people claiming he’s theirs,” Powderly said. “But there’s no way to prove it. The Cardinals president has expressed a desire in adopting him and the PR people with the Cardinals have been in contact with us.”

Running onto Busch Stadium’s playing field may have been the best move Kitty ever made, and if Bill DeWitt Jr. or John Mozeliak are indeed interested in adopting you’d have to believe they’d make a nice donation to STLFCO and finalize Kitty’s name as ‘Rally’.

Speaking of donations, STLFCO can always use them and you can find more info by visiting their Facebook page. It’s an extremely worthy cause for a non-profit that not only gets the cats off the streets, but does their best to make sure they find good homes.

“It’s been so exciting,because, you know, he’s just another cat to us,” Powderly added. “Getting the word out about us has been really nice and it just makes it for us.

“We’ve found all kinds of cats in different crazy situations, but this one might be the craziest.”

And the sardine smell?

“He has trouble curling his legs back to get his ears, but once he gets more acclimated we plan on cleaning him up a little.”

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