Three Words About the Cardinals “Soft” Remaining Schedule: Please Hush Up.

I keep hearing and reading that the Cardinals have a favorable remaining schedule, simply because they’ll play so many games against losing teams.

Here’s my thought on that: Nonsense.

Oh, sure. The remaining 37 games are loaded with mediocre, losing or otherwise incomplete teams that have multiple problems.

In other words, teams that are kind of like the 2017 St. Louis Cardinals.

Not a juggernaut.

To be precise, the Cardinals will compete in 25 games against teams that currently have a losing record.  The only exceptions: five vs. the Brewers, and seven against Cubs.

If you think anything comes easy for the Cardinals, then congratulations on taking one helluva nap. Being a sleep-deprived individual, I have to admit I’m envious of anyone who can snooze during the first 125 games of the Cards season.

About that “soft” schedule … shhhh.

This isn’t easy … because the Cardinals have an awful habit of making it hard for themselves.

Here’s why

1. Not counting the three games against Tampa Bay this weekend — because the teams haven’t faced each other  this year — the Cardinals’ 2017 in-progress record against the other six teams on their schedule is 23-33. Yeah, I said 23-33. Count it up:

4-8 vs. Cubs

5-8 vs. Reds

6-8 vs. Brewers

7-6 vs. Pirates

1-2 vs. Giants

0-1 vs. Padres

2. As you can see, the Cards have a bunch of NL Central games left on the menu; with 24 of 37 games against division brethren. Problem is, they’re 22-30 inside the NLC this season.

3. And they’re 10-17 in division road games.  And the Cardinals have 11 division road games left to play. (With 13 at home.) The breakdown, so far, for the Cardinals on the road in the NLC: 4-3 at Milwaukee, 3-4 at Pittsburgh, 2-5 at Cincinnati, 1-5 at Chicago.

The Cardinals haven’t bullied bad/mediocre teams this season. They’ve won more than they’ve lost against opponents that currently have a losing record, but it isn’t anything special. The Cards’ 30-25 record against losing teams (.545) ranks 10th in the NL. The STL mark against teams .500 or worse, 35-27, ranks 8th in the NL.

To this stage of the season — and it’s getting late — there’s little in the St. Louis record to back up the easy-ride schedule theory.

That is all.

This has been a public-service announcement.

Thanks for reading …


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