Video: Kirk Gibson Gave Jack Buck One of His Best Calls 29 Years Ago This Week

You’re smack in the middle of the most wonderful time of the year if you’re a true baseball and/or history fan even if your team is currently enjoying the golf course…You’ve still got postseason memories.

We realize we’ve become overly sentimental this month, but that’s because we’re spoiled and not used to the Cardinals being absent two seasons in a row. So while we’ve still been watching the games, we’ve also had to rely on seasons past to remind us how great October baseball is and can be.

This isn’t relegated to strictly Cardinals playoff memories, but it helps when the club’s all-time greatest broadcaster is still involved as with the below clip of arguably the most memorable postseason home run in MLB history.

You know the story by now…On Oct. 15, 1988, a hobbled Kirk Gibson convinces Dodgers skipper Tommy Lasorda he might have one decent swing in him for the bottom of the 9th inning against Oakland and possibly the greatest closer in history, Dennis Eckersley:

Gibson’s game-winning tater, like Jack Clark’s two years prior in the same yard, is tremendous for numerous reasons: The visible pain as he limped toward the plate, the three famous fist pumps between first and second base and the famous calls it generated by both Vin Scully and Jack Buck.

St. Louis was already well-versed in Buck’s ability to perfectly frame moments, but the baseball gods had to have planned on having him proclaim twice before a national audience: “I don’t believe what I just saw!” Jack flawlessly said what just about everyone watching or listening was thinking.

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