Video: Remembering the Night Roy Halladay Pitched in One of the Best Games We’ve Ever Seen

The general consensus following the Cardinals’  NLDS Game 4 win over the Phillies in 2011 was that Game 5 was going to be one hell of a finale.

How could it not? You had two of baseball’s most accomplished, sharp pitchers clashing in Chris Carpenter and Roy Halladay, not the mention the fact the duo were good friends from their previous days in Toronto.

That night didn’t disappoint and still gets quite a response anytime we refer to it at, and while we in St. Louis may romanticize Carp’s heroics that night, none of us slept on the fact Halladay was every bit the competitor as his counterpart.

St. Louis baseball fans always enjoy a good ballgame and that’s exactly what we got from two great pitchers. After today’s tragic news, we thought it was an appropriate time to look at Halladay’s half of a classically-pitched ballgame:

Just one small, great performance in a career that was filled with them..

Thoughts and prayers to Hallday’s family and friends. Thanks for the memories, Doc, and for always being a class act.

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