Vault Vids: Happy Birthday, Whitey and Gibby! A Brief Celebration of Two Great Cardinals

November 9 may as well be declared a St. Louis holiday considering the fellas who were born on this date..

You don’t get a whole lot bigger than Whitey Herzog or Bob Gibson in this town, which is why we’re celebrating the duo’s birthday with a brief look back at some of their accomplishments…Actually, a ‘brief look’ at either Whitey (86) or Gibby’s (82) accomplishments or memorable moments could take all day, and we don’t have that kind of time.

So forgive our cherry picking.

In Whitey’s case, we could probably sit around for hours and listen to the man talk baseball or tell stories from his many years around the game, so why not listen to him do that with Cardinals Magazine in one clip followed by the ‘White Rat’s’ Hall of Fame induction speech in another:

As for Gibby, one could literally spend hours on end reading and watching highlights from one baseball’s all-time greatest pitching careers, so why not buck the trend and recall some of his prowess at the dish? He could handle a bat pretty well in addition to striking out 3,117 batters.

In addition to striking out hitters, Gibson was also not afraid to bean them on occasion, which former teammate Curt Flood makes mention of in the next clip. Jack Buck, no stranger to watching athletes in several sports, also makes an appearance to tout Gibby’s overall athleticism:

Happy Birthday, Whitey and Gibby. In a baseball town like St. Louis, you’re nothing less than royalty.

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