Vault Vid: Carlos Beltran Was a Cardinal-Killer, Then He Ended Up Being a Pretty Cool Guy

There was a collective sigh of relief when the Cardinals signed Carlos Beltran prior to the 2012 season; partly because he’d hopefully fill a gap left in Albert Pujols’ wake, but mainly because the guy couldn’t hurt us anymore.

Beltran was the epitome of a “Cardinal Killer” during his years with both the Astros and Mets, giving the Cardinals and their fans regular and postseason fits, especially in 2004 NLCS when he teed off four homers on the Birds. (Though the good guys still advanced to the World Series.)

All in all, Beltran hit seven NLCS taters against the Cardinals, the most a single player has against them in the postseason since George Herman Ruth…But then he joined the team he used to beat up on (A’hem, except for one particular 2006 final at-bat) and joined them in a 2013 World Series run.

He and the Cardinals wouldn’t land a ring that October, but Beltran finally got his jewelry a couple weeks back with the Astros during what was ultimately his final MLB season following his recent retirement announcement.

It couldn’t have worked out any better for a more stand-up ballplayer and gentleman.

Beltran has raised almost $1.3 million for his native Puerto Rico’s relief effort, as well as arranging for two fully loaded supply planes to fly there in Hurricane Maria’s aftermath…So, you know, he’s a pretty good dude.

Thanks for the memories, “Senor Octubre.” Good luck in all future endeavors and for being a great Cardinal in your time here.

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