Cardinals Have Done Everything They Can to Land Stanton According to Insider

It’s sounding like the Cardinals have put their best, most aggressive foot forward in recent Giancarlo Stanton trade talks…Something St. Louis fans have been skeptical would happen throughout the situation.

No official word on what all the Cardinals offered the Marlins, but it’s more money than the Giants according to MLB Network Radio’s Craig Mish, a Miami-based analyst who’s been on top of Stanton-talks from their inception. Mish recently confirmed the Cards’ resoluteness on The Kevin Wheeler Show.

“At this point the Cardinals have done everything they can. They’ve offered more money in the deal. they’ve offered a better deal. They just simply have to wait on him,” Mish said.

Mish is of the opinion the Marlins like the Cardinals’ offer best, but that Stanton would rather go to San Francisco. The state of California’s been a common theme throughout this ordeal, as it’s Stanton’s home state, with his hometown being Los Angeles. It’s absolutely possible he’d rather be in the Bay Area, but it’s known he’d also like to play for a contender.

“Some of the underlying factors are just how competitive Stanton is and how important it is for him to play and be on a winning team after everything he’s went through in Miami,” Mish said. “If it’s between St. Louis and San Francisco, then why wouldn’t he choose St. Louis in that case? Cause they definitely have a better team. I think we would all agree upon that. So it does create some confusion.

“Now I do think the Giants would be much better with him than they are without him, but they don’t compete to the level of the Cardinals,” he added. “I believe at this point, it’s not that he’s anti-St. Louis. It’s not that he’s anti-Cardinals and, for example, if he had to choose and someone went to him and said, ‘Okay, you have two choices: you’ve got to go to the Cardinals, or you’ve got to go to Tampa Bay.’ He would take the Cardinals.”

But it’s widely believed that in Stanton’s perfect world a trade to the Dodgers would be Xanadu. And while St. Louis fans are proud and would surely hate for that to happen, it’s fair to ask: Why wouldn’t he try to go for his No. 1 destination, given his leverage?

“I think that he would love for the Dodgers to jump in and I think he would love to play for the Dodgers, but as time goes by it becomes less and less likely to me that that’s going to happen,” Mish said. “I refuse to believe based on the information I was told that this is going to stretch for weeks. I just can’t see it.

“If you start to hear from me or anyone else that the Dodgers are engaged heavily in the discussion, then I think it’s a foregone conclusion he ends up in LA,” he added. “If (the Dodgers) are out, then it does become an interesting debate, because of the two different deals, Miami, in my opinion, without knowing facts, would prefer the Cardinals’ deal.

Between Mish and MLB Network’s Jon Morosi, it’s been said the Marlins have their eye on Michael Wacha, Sandy Alcantara and Jose Martinez, along with picking up what would be millions of dollars of Stanton’s ginormous Miami contract. It’s never been doubted the Cardinals have the money and prospects, but rather if the NL MVP would like to come here.

“It’s his decision. Is it the right decision? Maybe not. Maybe it is the best decision for him to go to St. Louis, but it’s his choice.”

Listen to Mish’s entire 101ESPN chat below and stay tuned to 101ESPN and for the latest on this story as it continues to develop.

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