Cardinals Have Done Everything They Can to Land Stanton According to Insider

It’s sounding like the Cardinals have put their best, most aggressive foot forward in recent Giancarlo Stanton trade talks…Something St. Louis fans have been skeptical would happen throughout the situation.

No official word on what all the Cardinals offered the Marlins, but it’s more money than the Giants according to MLB Network Radio’s Craig Mish, a Miami-based analyst who’s been on top of Stanton-talks from their inception. Mish recently confirmed the Cards’ resoluteness on The Kevin Wheeler Show.

“At this point the Cardinals have done everything they can. They’ve offered more money in the deal. they’ve offered a better deal. They just simply have to wait on him,” Mish said.

Mish is of the opinion the Marlins like the Cardinals’ offer best, but that Stanton would rather go to San Francisco. The state of California’s been a common theme throughout this ordeal, as it’s Stanton’s home state, with his hometown being Los Angeles. It’s absolutely possible he’d rather be in the Bay Area, but it’s known he’d also like to play for a contender.

“Some of the underlying factors are just how competitive Stanton is and how important it is for him to play and be on a winning team after everything he’s went through in Miami,” Mish said. “If it’s between St. Louis and San Francisco, then why wouldn’t he choose St. Louis in that case? Cause they definitely have a better team. I think we would all agree upon that. So it does create some confusion.

“Now I do think the Giants would be much better with him than they are without him, but they don’t compete to the level of the Cardinals,” he added. “I believe at this point, it’s not that he’s anti-St. Louis. It’s not that he’s anti-Cardinals and, for example, if he had to choose and someone went to him and said, ‘Okay, you have two choices: you’ve got to go to the Cardinals, or you’ve got to go to Tampa Bay.’ He would take the Cardinals.”

But it’s widely believed that in Stanton’s perfect world a trade to the Dodgers would be Xanadu. And while St. Louis fans are proud and would surely hate for that to happen, it’s fair to ask: Why wouldn’t he try to go for his No. 1 destination, given his leverage?

“I think that he would love for the Dodgers to jump in and I think he would love to play for the Dodgers, but as time goes by it becomes less and less likely to me that that’s going to happen,” Mish said. “I refuse to believe based on the information I was told that this is going to stretch for weeks. I just can’t see it.

“If you start to hear from me or anyone else that the Dodgers are engaged heavily in the discussion, then I think it’s a foregone conclusion he ends up in LA,” he added. “If (the Dodgers) are out, then it does become an interesting debate, because of the two different deals, Miami, in my opinion, without knowing facts, would prefer the Cardinals’ deal.

Between Mish and MLB Network’s Jon Morosi, it’s been said the Marlins have their eye on Michael Wacha, Sandy Alcantara and Jose Martinez, along with picking up what would be millions of dollars of Stanton’s ginormous Miami contract. It’s never been doubted the Cardinals have the money and prospects, but rather if the NL MVP would like to come here.

“It’s his decision. Is it the right decision? Maybe not. Maybe it is the best decision for him to go to St. Louis, but it’s his choice.”

Listen to Mish’s entire 101ESPN chat below and stay tuned to 101ESPN and for the latest on this story as it continues to develop.

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  • Christopher Toth

    I can’t buy the argument the Cardinals have done everything possible. How Matheny stacks up to Bochy is a big comparison point for Stanton to decide on as part of his overall decision if he accepts either trade. When stacked up against Bochy’s 3 rings, Matheny is a liability not just to landing Stanton but other superstars considering signing in St. Louis.

    Had the Cards really done everything, then they would have addressed the need to move on from Matheny. Instead, anyone on the outside looking in sees the same level of inane in game decisions, hesitation in making critical in game moves, sloppy fielding & baserunning, the 2016 teams high level of dysfunction and division spurred on by Matheny’s favoritism, etc.

    • geoff

      Bochy lost 100 games last year….does Stanton make him 35 or 40 games better?

      • Bochy won 3 World Series in the course of 5 seasons–or the same amount your beloved Cardinals have won in the last half century. That’s 50 yrs for those who struggle to assimilate. Matheny could live 200 yrs, and never come remotely close. Matheny is still O for a lifetime, which entails 20 yrs between his playing and managing career.

        And maybe you’d like to make a friendly wager as to which team between the Cardinals and the Giants, wins the World Series. It won’t be the Cardinals, that much I’m willing to bet with you on. Not as long and they continue to believe Mozeliak & Matheny are the ones that will lead them there.

        • geoff

          Milo, maybe you and scott warren and that Jody chick should get together and buy the team, then you could show everyone how it should be done. All the three of you would need is to be good enough businessmen to make the kind of money Bill DeWitt made before he bought the team, and between the three of you bitchers you would have to somehow try to put together at least a modicum of knowledge about the game. I say this because I don’t see any of you listed on the Forbes 500, and I have never read anything from the three of you that indicates that you know anything about the game. All you clowns do is bloviate about how terrible the Cardinals’ organization is from top to bottom. Dude, if you think they are so bad…follow a different team, or just stay in your lane by watching “the view”.

          • Terry Ryno

            NO, let them buy the Cubs and take them on another 100 year run of losing.

          • You’re darned right DeWitt is a great businessman. He makes some of the highest profits in MLB. That, while he readily gets ones like you to mindlessly continue to buy his tickets.

            Actually DeWitt isn’t the biggest problem in the equation.Your hero DeWitt willingly carries the inexcusable mid range 15th ranked payroll. Incredibly, teams such as the Royals and Mariners spend more for their payroll–along with 12 other teams. And as of now, that payroll is going ever lower with the loss of several big salaries, including Lance Lynn.

            And speaking of Lynn, why wouldn’t a club “presumably” interested in winning, attempt to sign this man? All Lynn has done during most of his Cardinal career, is put up a very respectable winning %. Well the answer to that is easy. It’s time for Lynn to get paid for all of those wins, and they simply don’t want to do it. In the same way, when it was finally time to reward John Lackey for his body of work the Cardinals happily watched him leave.

            Of course their solution for picking up Lackey’s innings, was the brilliant signing of Leake to a 5y/80 mil NO TRADE deal. Yes, Leake would not come without no trade protection. And then interestingly, Leake gladly waived the very no trade clause he insisted on. These are the things that never sink into the brain of those with a thick skull like you. And let’s not forget the bounty, professor Mozeliak had to pay just to dump Leake. It represented 1/3rd of his remaining salary for the next 3 yrs, or approximately 15 million dollars down the chute for absolutely nothing.

            It’s reminiscent of the idiotic trade Mozeliak orchestrated for Matt Adams, where he paid all of Adams salary for him to play in Atl. And Mo claimed he made that deal, because of roster congestion problems. Then literally only days later he releases Johnny Peralta, another guy he paid over $20 mil to for the last 2 yrs of NEARLY ZERO PRODUCTION. Of course that’s not the first time Mozeliak has paid for zero production. Just look at the millions he paid and wasted with the contracts of players such as Jordan Walden, Brayan Pena, Ruben Tejada, and others. These things occur right before your eyes, yet your brain assimilates nothing out of it. You continue to tell us on a daily basis what a bang up job Mozeliak has done. You’re a joke.

            Every winter we have the same free agent circus side show. That, were we spend countless hours talking about players such as Stanton, Scherzer, David Price, etc. And again, geniuses like you engage in these annual fantasies. You get disappointed time after time. You then defend them time after time, when they don’t secure the signing. And the trade deadline charades, are nothing but the same identical repeat performance we witness with the free agent non-sense. But again, “experts” like you tell us what a bang up job they’re doing.

            Soon the Stanton signing will be out. And as usual, Mozo will proceed plan #2. And that’s how we end up with fk’d up ridiculously foolish signings such as Mike Leake, Jonathan Broxton, Brett Cecil, Brayan Pena etc. And the man responsible for those blunders, you habitually defend if not accuse of being brilliant. And it just makes me wonder, how someone as truly intellectually deficient as you appear to be, can even manage their way through a normal life.

            This club has been ‘barely’ above mediocre the last 2 seasons. Yet, during that time, they’ve still averaged 3.4 million tickets sold. Why the would DeWitt have to worry about spending more? 3.4 mil is darn near guaranteed if not grandfathered in annual attendance. DeWitt has no reason to change. So you’re 100% right, he’s a phenomenal businessman. So you make sure, you keep on wishing upon a star, and buying those tickets.

  • Miklasz, what’s the point of them making an offer for a player, who clearly knew from the beginning he would NEVER COME HERE?

    Every media story from every talking head like you was nothing but non-sense. Who should we send the thank you not to for leading us on, and letting us down for the 900th time? You or DeWitt? As usual, THANKS FOR NOTHING.

    Now we get to watch Dipstick Mozeliak proceed to his frightful plan #2. And every time he’s done that over the last couple of yrs, it has resulted in disaster.

    • Gene

      So if the Cardinals came in second here because they offered less, you’d call them cheap and say they don’t really want to win. Since they’ve offered more, and because that fact conflicts with your ironclad rule that everything the team does must be portrayed as stupid, corrupt and designed to ruin your life, now the alleged “refusal” of a player to come here (which, at the time I’m typing this, has not actually been demonstrated) is also DeWitt’s fault?

      BTW, there was another “plan #2” just a few years ago. It was named Carlos Beltran, and it helped get us a pennant. Some disaster.

      And, while you’re at it, work on your reading comprehension. Bernie Miklasz didn’t write this piece. Sheesh.

      • Mark Lee Arbogast

        We don’t know that they offered more. It’s rumore at the moment.

      • That’s funny when the best you can come up with is Carlos Beltran. Do you realize it was 6 yrs ago this month, Beltran was signed? That’s not a few yrs ago professor know nothing. It appears you’re the one who struggles with simple comprehension.

        There was a time when I agree Mozeliak was doing a good job. Then again, there was a time when Jack Clark was a productive hitter. But you need to speak about something recent. And for you to have to resort to pulling a signing from the winter of 2011 from your arsenal, that PROVES YOU’VE GOT ALMOST NOTHING.

        And what do I have? How about Mike Leake, Brett Cecil, Jonathan Broxton, Jhonny Peralta, Brayan Pena? I could go on with others to no avail. There’s no point in attempting to illustrate to simpletons.

        I wouldn’t want to interfere with your Mozeliak fantasy, that somehow he is good at what he does. So good that he did nothing of substance at the last 3 trade deadlines. That, for clubs that were all struggling, and ultimately flopped at the end of the season. And yes genius, that includes the 100 win team. That team was actually in every bit as much need of trade deadline help, as the last 2 clubs that missed the playoffs. You see with them, it doesn’t matter whether they win 100 games or 83, they simply aren’t willing to do much to help these teams.

        Since you know so much, try explaining why more wasn’t done at those trade deadlines? That, when virtually every one of the clubs competing with us for the playoffs DID FAR MORE. Nothing serves as a better example than 2016, when the Giants went out and got S.P. Mike Moore, & versatile inf/of Nunez. Each of those players was instrumental in helping the Giants, who once again edged the Cardinals out for the final Wild Card spot.

        And let’s not forget, Mozeliak was the one who hired Chris Correa as scouting director. You can contact Correa by doing an inmate search of the Federal penitentiary system, while he completes his 4 yr sentence. And undoubtedly you’re one of the geniuses who believes Correa did hackgate all by himself. He never once mentioned it to anyone in the Cardinal org, as for example one of your heroes.

        Sorry If I trampled on your love fest with Modumbiak, Muttheny & DeTightwad.

        What excuse/albi do you have for one of the most profitable teams in MLB carrying the FIFTEENTH HIGHEST PAYROLL? I would just adore a simple minded dolt like you, searching that diminutive cranium for a plausible explanation.

        And never once did I say Bernie wrote the piece, Mr. Perfect reading comprehension.

        Your turn, be careful not to embarrass yourself. I have a helluva lot more recent ammo than you. As for Muttheny, I got a 20 yr career as a player and a mgr, which indicates ZERO World Championships.

    • M W

      Bernie didn’t write this.

      • When did I say he did, bozo? My references are to him and the other many articles he wrote that discussed Stanton. Smarten up, or don’t chime in.

    • NoResolution

      You don’t know for a fact Stanton won’t come to St. Louis. You don’t know anything Stanton is thinking at all. And if he doesn’t come to St. Louis then it’s not upper managment’s fault, or Dewitt, or the writers it was because it was Stanton’s choice.

      • Wrong. I guess you read todays bullspit rag, from some nobody scribe in Miami telling us that Stanton has not ruled us out.

        What else is he going to say? Anybody with half a brain knows, you don’t burn your bridges unnecessarily.

        Plus, the Marlins have undoubtedly asked Stanton to do them the favor of not discouraging the bidding process. If Stanton tells everyone the Cardinals are out, he’s only hurting himself and the Marlins.

        You say I don’t know for a fact Stanton isn’t coming. Well where the hell do you know for a fact that he is?

  • James Berry

    There’s just so much that anyone can do in any situation. Everyone with even a tiny bit of comprehension understands it has and will come down to Stanton giving his blessing or not. It’s a waiting game now.

  • M W

    It’s a big reach to say they have done “all they can”. You have no idea if the reports out there are true. And discussions are still happening.

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