Miami Scribe Believes Stanton Has an Open Mind Regarding Cardinals

A common St. Louis thought running through the Giancarlo Stanton situation is the slugger has disqualified our town because it’s not in California, but this isn’t the case according to Joe Frisaro.

As’s Marlins reporter, Frisaro has covered Stanton since the slugger began his big league career in 2010 and believes he’s weighing his options as much as possible on his next baseball home, but that geography isn’t the top factor.

“If he thought St. Louis was the best fit based on how it could help him and his career as a baseball player, and how he would fit in that market, He would sign off on it,” Frisaro recently told The Bernie Miklasz Show. “I’m not so sold on, ‘Oh, he has to be in San Francisco because it’s the second choice over St. Louis’ strictly because of geography.

“I think he is completely weighing all the pros and cons of St. Louis, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, whoever it might be,” he added. “I don’t think it’s this slam dunk that, ‘Oh my god, he’s going to the Dodgers no matter what.’ He would still want to hear from them what their plan is even knowing how great a franchise they’ve built.”

So we know the Giants and Cards have both met face to face with Stanton regarding talks and we’ve heard a deal could happen as soon as this week. Frisaro isn’t so sure and thinks other teams could jump in if things progress past this week.

“I can’t really guarantee they won’t be waiting a long time more,” he said. “The Yankees just now resolved their manager situation. Do they now consult with (manager Aaron Boone) and say, ‘Do we want to get in on this?’

“You get to the winter meetings and all bets are off. You could have 29 teams that are believed to be in on Stanton…If it gets to the meetings it clearly could be fair game, but if reads up before that, flip a coin. It’s going to be either the Giants or the Cardinals.”

Even so, Frisaro believes Stanton has done his homework regarding St. Louis’s worship of local baseball players. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

“If the Cardinals gave him enough reason to feel he needed to be in St. Louis, I’ve been to that ballpark plenty of times…There could be a Stanton statue if he went there. He knows that. He knows and he’s learning more. I think he completely has an open mind.”

Listen to the entire talk below and stay tuned to 101ESPN and for more on the situation as it continues to develop.

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  • geoff

    I read that when Stanton was younger his fave was McGwire during that whole home run thing. If he is as astute as this writer says, he will talk to guys like Mac and Holliday, and Pujols, Jim Edmonds is a SOCAL boy and he lives here now. There are plenty of guys who loved and love it here for him to question. I don’t think that the one recent player to pass on St Louis, Heyward , would be the right guy to talk to because the Cards were looking to him to be a face of the franchise type. St louisans probably will never consider a .260 hitter with less power than Greg Garcia as the man they would rally around. Stanton has the stuff to do well here or anywhere, but here he would play in front of three and a half million people who are in their seats before the first pitch and stay until the last out. In this town good baseball is a way of life, not just a way to kill an hour or two.

    • James Berry

      I’ll weigh in on the McGwire thing again. I don’t believe he is the best example of someone for Stanton to talk with. During Stanton’s run at 60+ homers last season, he said more than once that he still considers 61 to be the true HR record. So it might just be, that despite Stanton’s boyhood idolization of Big Mac, the shine might have dulled through the years.

      Of everyone i can think of, Scott Rolen might be the best one for him to talk with. Rolen has never been one to paint pictures that weren’t true. I mean, if it’s unbiased opinions Stanton is after.

      • M W

        Stanton has spent Spring Training at the same facility as the Cardinals for years. I don’t think he’s uneducated on the team and the market.

        • James Berry

          What a senseless reply to my comment.

      • Mark Lee Arbogast

        I thought Rolen hated TLR and couldn’t wait to leave here.

      • geoff

        I don’t think Rolen’s problem with St Louis had anything to do with the town…his problem was with LaRussa , who was forced to bench him because he wasn’t good enough to play for the Cardinals any more. TLR had to do the same thing to Ozzie Smith, who was an icon. Rolen was pretty well at the end of his career when he left here. I don’t know if there is any person who can say anything to Stanton that would sway him. I think he has made it abundantly clear that he wants to play for the Dodgers and I think that might be making the Dodgers think they can just have him for the asking, and it should make the Marlins think that they can ask for a king’s ransom from the Dodgers if they really want him… and get it. Funny how sports fans and media always want to proclaim the next dynasty, and the flavors of the off-season are the Dodgers, who haven’t won in I don’t know how long, and Houston, who will probably need to add some pitching this off-season. The Cubs are in the same boat, as is every team in baseball. If I were the Cardinals I would be very wary of using pitching in almost any trade. I would sure use it to get Stanton who is really good. I hope the Cards can strike a deal with Tampa to get pitching from them. Tampa needs two corner outfielders and maybe a second baseman, and as it happens the Cardinals have like 7,000 second basemen. I just hope the Cards don’t sit on their hands all winter waiting for Stanton to say yay or nay to coming here. Even if he comes here the Cards will not win unless they get off of that stupid saber-metric approach of swinging for the fences and striking out instead of putting the ball in play.

        • James Berry

          Didn’t say that. Said i believe Rolen would be an unbiased person for Stanton to talk with.

          • geoff

            Why would anyone, who wants Stanton to come here, to talk to someone who played here, has no opinion of here, and left town with a very bad taste in his mouth?

          • James Berry

            First off, the bad taste was between Rolen & TLR, not the organization or city. Second, Rolen has had very good things to say about his time in St. Louis. Third, why bring Trump, or any other politician, into this?

        • Tom L

          Rolen played another six years after departing St. Louis. Although his arm and shoulder had sustained several injuries, and he was never able to throw as well as he had earlier, he was still a terrific player. Yes, he was on the down side of his career, but far from washed up when he left here. Never had a negative WAR.

          • geoff

            Rolen wasn’t washed up…he just wasn’t good enough to play for LaRussa at the time. By the way…WAR is a ridiculous thing created by the sabermetric community and misused as something that is actually true or significant.

  • M W

    There are so many varying reports from reporters claiming to have an inside track to Stanton’s thinking. We believe what we want to believe.

    The Cards were always going to be the long shot to a California team. But they appear to still be in it.

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