Miami Scribe Believes Stanton Has an Open Mind Regarding Cardinals

A common St. Louis thought running through the Giancarlo Stanton situation is the slugger has disqualified our town because it’s not in California, but this isn’t the case according to Joe Frisaro.

As’s Marlins reporter, Frisaro has covered Stanton since the slugger began his big league career in 2010 and believes he’s weighing his options as much as possible on his next baseball home, but that geography isn’t the top factor.

“If he thought St. Louis was the best fit based on how it could help him and his career as a baseball player, and how he would fit in that market, He would sign off on it,” Frisaro recently told The Bernie Miklasz Show. “I’m not so sold on, ‘Oh, he has to be in San Francisco because it’s the second choice over St. Louis’ strictly because of geography.

“I think he is completely weighing all the pros and cons of St. Louis, San Francisco, Miami, Los Angeles, whoever it might be,” he added. “I don’t think it’s this slam dunk that, ‘Oh my god, he’s going to the Dodgers no matter what.’ He would still want to hear from them what their plan is even knowing how great a franchise they’ve built.”

So we know the Giants and Cards have both met face to face with Stanton regarding talks and we’ve heard a deal could happen as soon as this week. Frisaro isn’t so sure and thinks other teams could jump in if things progress past this week.

“I can’t really guarantee they won’t be waiting a long time more,” he said. “The Yankees just now resolved their manager situation. Do they now consult with (manager Aaron Boone) and say, ‘Do we want to get in on this?’

“You get to the winter meetings and all bets are off. You could have 29 teams that are believed to be in on Stanton…If it gets to the meetings it clearly could be fair game, but if reads up before that, flip a coin. It’s going to be either the Giants or the Cardinals.”

Even so, Frisaro believes Stanton has done his homework regarding St. Louis’s worship of local baseball players. If it’s meant to be, it will be.

“If the Cardinals gave him enough reason to feel he needed to be in St. Louis, I’ve been to that ballpark plenty of times…There could be a Stanton statue if he went there. He knows that. He knows and he’s learning more. I think he completely has an open mind.”

Listen to the entire talk below and stay tuned to 101ESPN and for more on the situation as it continues to develop.

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