Blues News: Schwartz Should Be Back on the Ice Around All-Star Break

Injuries have been a major plot point this Blues season, as the club seems to have been weathering them nonstop since training camp. Pair this with an unforgiving schedule and the Note’s 55 points don’t look too shabby.

But there may be some encouraging injury news coming, as Jaden Schwartz has reportedly shed the walking boot and crutches he’d been using after his early December ankle fracture. Blues television color- man, Darren Pang and our insider Jeremy Rutherford both recently updated us on the forward’s condition.

“It sounds to me like he’s going to be a hockey player sometime around the All-Star Break,” Pang told The Bernie Miklasz Show. “Just judging by the way he was talking to me, I like the spirit that he had and I like the fact that he’s feeling good about the way he’s rehabbed it.”

“I saw him walking around the Blues locker room without the boot, without the crutches. Mike Yeo confirmed he shed those a couple days ago,” JR told The Kevin Wheeler Show. “So you’re looking at about six weeks as what they said he’d be reevaluated. That would put it at about January 20.”

With the Blues about to enter their bye week, Schwartz could only miss four to five more games before Jan. 20. Surely Schwartzy will take some to get his groove back, right?

“I’m interested to see how he comes back and how long it takes him to look like Jaden Schwartz again,” Rutherford added. “Because, remember, he’s been out a couple times with these similar injuries with the fractured ankle. One time he missed 49 games and it took the rest of the season to get back into the flow, and he probably didn’t look the same until the following year.”

One grueling schedule

In addition to Schwartz’s return, the Blues will reap an easier schedule down the stretch into April after having a particularly brutal one through December and into January. Rutherford touched on this as well, noting Mike Yeo’s feelings of some relief.

“Sometimes you ask a coach, ‘Hey, what do you think about the break?’ and they say, ‘It is what it is,'” JR said. “Mike Yeo, today, said this comes at a great time. “That’s not to make excuses for this team, but they’ve played more games than anybody. They’ve played six or seven more games than some teams.”

“The bye is built in so now some of those teams will catch up a few games on the Blues. Not just the number of games, but I think the travel schedule has been really tough on them,” Rutherford added. “It’s a lot of situations where it’s three (games) in four (nights), four in six.

“It’s been tough. They are going to get a break here. I think they’re all looking forward to it.”

You can hear JR’s entire talk below. Stay tuned to 101ESPN and for plenty of Blues coverage and analysis.

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