USA Today’s Nightengale Thinks the Cardinals Are Waiting to Land Moustakas

MLB free agents may not be full-on panicking yet, but there’s probably some slight concern among them given the large number of individuals still on the market.

“They’re getting nervous. Particularly the players,” USA Today’s Bob Nightengale recently told The Bernie Miklasz Show. “The only think keeping them sane right now is that they’re in the similar boat with 135 other guys…These guys have young families, wives, everything else. They want to know what’s going on. Are you packing for Florida? Are you packing for Arizona for spring?

“It’s starting to get late…I guarantee that if someone gets just a decent offer they’re going to grab it.”

One free agent Nightengale thinks could land in Jupiter is former Royals third baseman Mike Moustakas, who’s coming off a 38-homer year to go with an .835 OPS.

“I think the Cardinals are sitting back and hoping that Moustakas falls into their lap,” He said. “I think that’d be a great move. Then, of course, grab a starter.”

A starter would be great, but the scribe also thinks this a wasted offseason if the Birds don’t land a closer. Wade Davis’s recent three-year, $52 million deal eliminates one option and could affect another.

“I think they’re waiting for a Greg Holland’s price to drop, which is going to be tough now because I’m sure he’s going to want as much as Wade Davis just got in Colorado,” he said. “Maybe you go for Addison Reed instead or still trade for (Alex) Colome out of Tampa Bay.”

Eric Hosmer is another Royal whose name has been thrown around in connection with the Cardinals, but Nightengale says there’s not much doing on this front.

“I’m really don’t hear much about Hosmer with the Cardinals…I remember right around winter meeting time I brought up Hosmer to the front office and they said, ‘We have a first baseman.’”

You can hear the columnist’s full interview below. Stay tuned for more Cardinals talk and analysis as pitchers and catchers’ reporting day approaches.

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  • Stephen Leath

    Why? He brings you nothing Gyorko doesn’t at a much higher price. You can no longer improve position players in the current market, Go relievers and starters: see San Francisco.

    • Big T

      Stephen – You are mostly correct when comparing their skill set. However he would add a decent left bat to the bench with power. I assume that might bump G Garcia?? Unless it is a low price value deal they won’t touch it. Given the current market a 1 year deal makes sense for both he and the Cards?

      • Stephen Leath

        For market value one-year deal, I could not agree more. I’d overpay for a one-year deal, absolutely.

        Somehow, I think the Moose is going to get an overpaid long-term deal.

        • Big T

          My hunch is they are waiting to see how the market develops. If they can get a 1 year deal they should be in. With Bruce getting 3 years at 39 mil from the Mets (and a partial no trade) probably moves Mooses market out of the 1 year range.

        • skywalkr2

          I think the problem for Moose is that he doesn’t have people bidding for him in order to get overpaid.

  • M W

    If that’s true, it’s embarrassing.
    The front office just seems tone deaf.
    Pitching is clearly the biggest need.

    • Stephen Leath

      I agree on pitching: I could see adding a couple, but not the high-dollar starters. Maybe trading TB a wad of prospects for Colombe and Archer?

      I should probably shut up and leave it to the professionals. I’ve been watching since 1968 (bad year to start, but I was an impassive youngster, far away from, STL, and I’ll never forget Jim Northrup’s triple), and I just have to trust they want to put a winner on the field. That means more pitching at this point, maybe a vacuum cleaner SS. I remember what the old vet Rafael Furcal brought to a team: well-earned ring.