SB Nation’s Marc Raimondi, ESPN’s Tim Fiorvanti, EJ Brooks

Jason and Brennan kick off the show with the Six Pack Challenge, talking about the fallout from HIAC, the Shield reunion on RAW, and reaction to UFC 216.

SB Nation’s Marc Raimondi joined the show to give his thoughts on UFC 216, where Demetrious Johnson stands as the greatest fighter in MMA today, Conor McGregor’s next move, and if the UFC should take a real look at the weight-cutting process as it pertains to a fighter’s health.

EJ Brooks joined the show to talk about his big victory at Bellator 181 which extended his streak to three fights, the conversation about weight-cutting and what it’s like from a fighter’s perspective, and what he expects his next move to be.’s Tim Fiorvanti joined the show to talk about the big events in WWE this week, including the Shield reunion, the Sami Zayn heel turn, and a rebranding of Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

Jason and Brennan wrap up the show with a look at Fall Brawl ’94 in the Frazier Flashback, and react to some comments made by Roman Reigns with Brennan’s Parting Shot.