Shamrock FC’s Jeremy Johnson, Andreas Hale

Jason and Brennan kick off the show with the Six Pack Challenge, including a detailed recap of Mayweather-McGregor, whether or not we should expect to see McGregor in a boxing ring ever again, the Cena-Reigns promo from RAW, and the controversy surrounding Sexy Star and Rosemary.

Jeremy Johnson joined the show to recap Shamrock FC, get his thoughts on Mayweather-McGregor, where McGregor should go next, and his opinion on the Jon Jones situation.

Andreas Hale joined the show to talk all things combat sports and pop culture, from MMA/boxing topics like McGregor-Mayweather and Canello-GGG to wrestling topics like the rise of Braun Strowman, and Cena-Reigns being booked for September’s No Mercy.

Jason and Brennan wrap up the show with the Frazier Flashback and Parting Shot.