The Kevin Wheeler Show: December 1st, 2017 – What if the Cardinals pivot to pitching and defense?

10am Hour

10:00 — The Playbook

10:15 — Would Cardinals fans be content if Ozuna or Yelich are the “big” addition?

10:30 — This weekend feels like a playoff for the CFP

10:45 — Mizzou hoops picked up their first road win in three years, and this team is starting to look like a contender

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11am Hour

11:00 — It feels like the Cardinals best chance to be elite in one area is with the rotation. So why isn’t that a priority?

11:15 — Football Pick ‘Em

11:30 — Rob Vollman (ESPN)

11:45 — Why are coaches so uptight?

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12pm Hour

12:00 — The Refresh

12:15 — The Radio Chat Room

12:30 — Dave Cameron (Fangraphs)

12:45 — The Crossover

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