No Decision Podcast

  • Change is Good, Even in Baseball

    It looks like baseball may be going through a dramatic overhaul with expansion and a major realignment. Rongey and Meat love it, and so should you.

  • Hating Athletes for Dumb Reasons

    Do you hate an athlete just because he beat your team? Rongey and Barnes have plenty on their list, and even some they hate for no reason at all.

  • Cardinals are done, but playoffs are still the best

    Hey, just because your favorite team is out of the postseason, doesn’t mean it’s not still awesome. Rongey and Barnes love it, and so should you.

  • Jumping Ship on Your Team

    What would it take for you to abandon your favorite team? What would be the final straw? Or will you always love them unconditionally? Rongey and Meat discuss in this week’s episode.

  • In Denial About Playoffs

    When do you decide to go all in on your team’s playoff chances? Rongey and Barnes discuss that and when it’s time to accept reality and call it quits.

  • Rongey and Meat Go Back to College

    Ever make mistakes in school? These guys did, and they’re here to tell you about them.

  • Fantasy Football Sucks

    Rongey and Barnes hate fantasy football. That’s why they can’t wait to tell you all about the team they’ve put together.

  • Choosing Sides

    This week, Rongey and Meat discuss team affiliations and why you choose the teams you do and whether you need a good reason.

  • Wild Animals and Baseball is Great Again!

    Just a week ago, Rongey and Meat discussed how Cardinals fans might act if the team starts to get really bad. Well, about that…

  • Baseball in St. Louis Sucks, So Now What?

    With the Cardinals now seemingly on the way to consecutive years without a postseason appearance, how will a typically loyal fan base respond? Rongey and Meat explore it. Also, don’t let your child fly aircraft.