No Decision Podcast

  • Wild Animals and Baseball is Great Again!

    Just a week ago, Rongey and Meat discussed how Cardinals fans might act if the team starts to get really bad. Well, about that…

  • Baseball in St. Louis Sucks, So Now What?

    With the Cardinals now seemingly on the way to consecutive years without a postseason appearance, how will a typically loyal fan base respond? Rongey and Meat explore it. Also, don’t let your child fly aircraft.

  • Meat’s Going to Chicago!

    With the Cardinals-Cubs series coming up, Rongey and Barnes discuss the current state of the rivalry, and Meat asks for suggestions on what to do in Chicago other than eat a whole pizza by himself.

  • Put Your Phone Away!

    Rongey and Barnes discuss why you look like a fool when you’re using your cell phone to record every moment of your life, even though it’s also kind of OK too. And they’ll advise you…

  • Don’t Be a Little League Jerk

    Are you a Little League coach? Or a Little League parent? Stop being a jerk to the umpire making minimum wage. Also, Rongey and Barnes tell you how not to use canned food.

  • Stupid Stats; Brad Hates Numbers

    Analytics and data are a significant part of sports but Barnes thinks numbers and statistics are stupid. Rongey and Meat also discuss why it’s important to lock your car doors at all times.

  • Baseball Managers: Who cares?

    Stop losing your mind over baseball managers. Rongey and Barnes discuss why you’re wasting valuable energy you could be using to write angry letters to Congress. Also, leave Joe Buck alone.

  • Irrational Anger

    How do you handle it when it’s clear your favorite team is crappy but there’s still more than half a season to go? Rongey and Barnes discuss that as well as the things that make…

  • DeSean Jackson Syndrome

    Are you one of those people who has a habit of celebrating too early? Well, don’t be. Rongey and Barnes try to save you from yourself.

  • Media Fan Boys

    Ever wonder what it’s like to interview your celebrity heroes and hold it together? Rongey and Barnes discuss how to do it without sweating. Also, a weekly contribution of You Gotta Be Bleepin’ Me.