No Decision Podcast

  • Crazy is OK, Sometimes

    Are you an insane sports fan? Do you let your team’s successes or failures consume you a bit too much? Rongey and Meat say that’s totally fine…but really you should still probably see a therapist.

  • Happy Hopening Day!

    Rongey and Meat are excited about Opening Day’s arrival and are here to tell you about it. Also, the guys will tell you why they’re so worked up about minor annoyances. They really should just…

  • End of March: A Weird Time in Sports

    It’s the end of March. The beginning of baseball season, the end of hockey season, days before the Final Four: a perfect time for Meat to shed tears. He’s so emotional.

  • What is a Jayhawk, Anyway?

    Rongey suffers through Meat explaining why Kansas basketball is so great. It’s nauseating.

  • Meat Loves The Bachelor

    Barnes says he doesn’t like that show, but Rongey believes that’s a blatant lie. The guys discuss their bad TV viewing habits and why they’re not really all that ashamed.

  • Olympic Fever, Catch It.

    Rongey and Meat have Olympic Fever. Actually, not really. Meat thinks you’re dumb for being excited about them, though.

  • The Episode with No Structure

    Meat and Rongey discuss how they put a sports talk show together, and how they fake it for a podcast.

  • Don’t invite Meat to your SB party

    On this week’s episode, we learn if you invite Barnes to your Super Bowl party, he will talk to nobody and eat all of your food. The guys also discuss why the week leading up…

  • Cool, you’re on vacation. We’re happy for ya!

    Meat really hates it when you post your dumb vacation pics. And he hates grown men asking for autographs. Also, Rongey and Meat will sell their friendship to you at a low price.

  • LaVar Ball still sucks

    Before Rongey and Meat discuss how awful Lonzo Ball’s dad is, Meat tells you about how much he hates your thoughtful greeting cards. Mainly, because he’s a grump.