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Three Men with Babies Ep. 35 – Curse Words and Potty Training, Oh My!

From potty training and curse words to unwanted visitors, we’re looking back at our best listener questions. Here’s the rundown: 1:00 If our kids current personalities indicate their future careers, we’re screwed. 8:00 Listener advice about potty training and curse words 13:00 How to manage the hoard of visitors when the baby first gets home 18:00 We’ll take your good iTunes ...

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Redbird Rejects Ep. 48 – Cardinals Turn the Corner, Joe West Run-Ins

The Cardinals have turned around their bad start, and BT and Dunc recall a few of their run-ins with Joe West. Here’s the rundown: 1:00 The Cardinals have finally turned around their bad start. Thank goodness for better pitching. 6:00 Trevor Rosenthal is still looking good. Could he win back the closer role? 14:00 Jose Martinez looks good, but finding ...

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Mike Leake Delivers Calm and Quiet Killer Efficiency, Just When the Cardinals Needed It Most

There’s been at least one constant through baseball history: if your team pitches well, and does it consistently, you’ll win a lot of games. That was true in, say, 1917. And it’s true in 2017. The Cardinals came into Wednesday’s game at Washington, trying to avoid being swept. They’d been staggered by a three-game losing streak and defeats in six ...

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Redbird Rejects Ep. 46 – Cardinals Open Season and Lock Down Young Guys

The Cardinals are finally playing games that count, and after Piscotty’s signing, BT and Dunc are wondering why they never pulled Mozeliak aside to talk long-term contract. Here’s the rundown: 01:00 Opening Day felt like the World Series and Carlos Martinez looked solid. 03:00 Randal Grichuk’s stance and approach at the plate is looking better. 11:00 Is the Stephen Piscotty ...

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Three Men with Babies Ep. 31 – Short Attention Spans and Sleepless Nights

The children are showing no signs of calming down, toys are not working, and they’re saying embarrassing stuff in public. Other than that, everything’s fine. Here’s the rundown: 01:00 When do toddlers finally develop a damn attention span? We’re exhausted. 03:00 Brad’s brilliant idea to make kids earn their toys 08:00 Would You Rather; Wake up four nights for one ...

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